Best Site for download Video Capture Factory PC/Windows

PcsFix is a small, simple and clean website that is packed with free software for download. But most of the programs being offered on this site are cracked and malware -ridden so use it with caution.

SoftwareBundel is the best software bundle site on the Internet where users can easily download programs for FREE. In fact, many software publishers and developers partner with SoftwareBundel to upload their software cracked to make it more user-friendly and easier to use. When you do find a software on this site, it is always safe to download because it is a legitimate and safe site and 100% free.

For many users, a cracked version of a piece of software is as reliable as a get-out-of-jail-free pass because it enables them to avoid spending money for a program that they can get in many other ways. So, it is not hard to understand why there is a brisk trade in cracked software. Software developers pay crackers to “crack” (make available as a free download) their latest software.

The free software scene is much more open than we all think. There is a lot more free and open source software out there than people realise, even if it is badly distributed. Hard to believe you might say. Anyway, just about every single open source application is available for free on crack-sites. There are more open source applications than closed source applications. Even IBM and Sun (both of them closed source) allows users to download most of their software for free.

It’s actually a great site to download cracked software. Though, even you’ll find many ads. But the website to check out is Psiphon (no, it’s not a VPN service) – I’ll explain more in the last section.



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