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Features Key:

  • Symmetrical Game Exterior
  • Symmetrical Game Interior
  • Tiled board
  • Game Winning Factors: user points, row and column totals
  • Board Timer
  • Candela In-Depth Description :

    Candela is an absorbing play that has three stages: Guarding, Scanning and Gamble. In the first stage, the player is required to guard the 3 dots on the board. In the second stage, the player is required to scan the board dots.

    The rules are designed to encourage players to be creative in the way they inspect the board for a winning pattern. During the Scanning stage, candidates are encouraged to check the region where they have a better chance of winning the game.

    Candela Rules

    General Rules

    1. Candela is played on an 8×8 or 9×9 (tile) backlit visual board. Each tile is 11 mm. The board is made up of 2 or 3 color bands. Candela board is the same size as that of Ghota. Therefore Candela is not a Zero Turns game.

    2. Candela is a tiled board game wherein the tile comes in 2 or 3 colors. The 2 or 3 colors are assigned to the 4 dots in the 4 corners of the tile. Dots are further numbered as per the board configuration shown in figures.

    3. The players start on the opposing colour of the tile (Figure 2) that contains their tile to the left and right of the respective player.

    4. The players announce the first digit as per Table 3 and move their tile accordingly.

    5. The remaining six digits in the tile are scanned similarly, resulting in six digits on the play board with a final digit on the ends of the board.

    6. Each tile has a yellow band on it. A successful position is denoted by a yellow band on the tile being turned face up.

    7. When it is time to gamble, the players may move the tiles of their choosing to the ‘waiting zone


    Candela Activation Download [Mac/Win] (2022)

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    Steam Greenlight Hidden Challenges Crazy Arcade Mode Takeover AI Racey Mode Some of these feature are hidden but we will be adding more to it with each update. New Unique Special and Skill Powers: Secret Skill Moves Secret Special Skills that are secret to all players except those who have unlocked the secret moves Lots of secrets to uncover – Secrets, Cheats, Easter Eggs, Minigames, Secret Achievement, ETC. Online Leaderboards There are Online Leaderboards for all game modes – Campaign, Time Attack, Racey, Vs, and Group Hint System – Players with higher tier are more likely to be rewarded with some nice hint cards which show the hidden locations of secrets, Cheats, Easter Eggs, etc Follow a Tutorial Tutorial Tips Each Tutorial has a master Guide Tutorial Tutorials vary from basic Controls, to Game Modes, to Gameplays Achievements Achievements are unlocked for special achievements in each Game Modes Progress Through Game Levels Progress through a Game Level is unlocked once you complete the level. You can start on any point of the level Easy, Medium, Hard Game Modes Each level has different Game Modes, this can be changed at any time Easy: to see all easter eggs, secrets, etc Hard: to see all easter eggs, secrets, etc You are a Driver Takeover Takeover is an easy Game Mode that will test your skill in driving through the fortress Keyboard: Hit Spacebar to Spawn a car, or WASD to move Gamepad: use L1 + R1 to launch a car Mouse: Mouse is used to move and aim (Use Left Click) Aim at enemies and shoot to destroy them This Game Mode offers some surprises: There are Harder levels – don’t die to earn cash and XP There is a chance of an AI Takeover when hitting the Bracelet Key and there is a chance of the AI taking over you when you die Vibration based On Reward System Depending on your current level and Rank you will earn rewards that will either increase your experience or add more weapons and Items to your arsenal Detailed Stats Overview of Stats, items, XP and XP per hour Close Up of Stats Gameplay Guide Tutorial All current updates and Game Modes Recommended Game Modes: Campaign Racey Vs Group: You can play single player, online or split-screen multiplayer with up to 4 friends


    What’s new:

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    How To Crack:

  • Install & Patch
  • After downloading the crack for your game, load the game into your emulator or if you want to install in the computer, double click on the downloaded.exe file of your game. The [Update / Install] button should now be enabled and start the installation process of your game.

    If your game has a patch, our software will download the patch in the background and install it after the unzipping. So be aware that your game may be longer to unzip or the installation process of the patch may take you some time. Simply leave the Patch / Unpatch button turned on while the unzipping / installation processes in progress.

    Now you can either use the Patch / Unpatch menu to unzip and install it successfully. If you want to uninstall the game entirely, you have to select “Uninstall” button.

    When the installation finishes, start your game and enjoy 🙂

    If your game has NFO files, please open them by your text editor / notepad to check if the installation did properly. If not, download the latest version of the crack or update version from our website.

    In the event you are still having problems, please send us your.exe file and problem via our contact page. We shall investigate your case as quick as possible.

    Note: The crack and patch will not work for illegal or pirated versions.

    How can I get Crack?

    How To Play Alternately [Looping] on Android Games:

    • Find your Android game in your phone’s apps menu
    • Long press on the game’s icon and go to the setting
    • A three dots menu appears, touch “looping” icon
    • Go to settings and make some adjustments or add other games to the loop

    The setting / apps menu may or


    System Requirements For Candela:

    * Windows 7 / 8 * 1 GHz CPU * 1 GB RAM * DirectX 11-compatible video card with 1 GB VRAM * A minimum resolution of 1024×768 * OS X 10.9.x * OpenGL version 3.1 or greater * Java 7 or greater Controls: * Spacebar: Toggle pause * A: Load or unload model * Q: Next model * E: Save model * P: Previous model Sound


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