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Of course, it doesn’t have to be only hookups that are one-time-only. Fools Gold argues that this is a more common misconception of casual sex than the reverse. “What we’re really talking about is shacking up,” where you’re in a committed relationship with someone you choose to have sex with. However, if you’re not in that situation, and you do decide to date someone, you’re not really going to want to be monogamous. “One experience with casual sex is a good way to find out how you really feel about being in a relationship,” says Fools Gold author Nena Smith. “Date a few people, see who you’re compatible with — but always use protection. It sounds a little fishy, but studies show that people in committed relationships have many more partner options.” However, there’s no reason to feel you have to stop at one person. The grass is always greener in somebody else’s yard, and if they’re reliable and you think you can trust them, there’s no reason why you can’t just help them, yourself, and even have them help you as well. The reason many singles abstain from casual sex is because they don’t think they’re ready to be in a relationship and want to keep things casual. Others may feel that it’s a selfish pursuit and that they should at least wait until they’re fully grown. No matter what, though, you have to ask yourself if you really want to be in a relationship with a person you don’t know fully. How can you possibly know whether they have/don’t have a STD or don’t use protection? Reddit Unfortunately, sex can be (and sometimes is) about status and having the right to use and enjoy it. As a result, some people seem to think that casual sex makes them more of a “man” or a “woman” than someone who abstains from it. That may come from the assumption that those who engage in casual sex engage in dirty and improper sex, and have negative views of the opposite sex due to it. Meanwhile, other people don’t like the idea of anyone else having casual sex, but have no problem having it themselves, even the ones that are currently in a long-term relationship. This could also stem from their being embarrassed about their own promiscuous pasts or nervous about their own health and the safety of casual sex. Remember that casual sex is not about necessarily being “better
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Casual sex — defined as “sexual activity outside of committed relationships” — isn’t always bad for your health, but it’s a double-edged sword. You don’t have to deny yourself a good night out or laugh about your lady-parts or anything, but it’s important to try and have the kinks worked out in your normal life before you dive into a new sexual dynamic. Sex can be fun, but if you and your partner are clashing in any way, it can feel a bit like rolling a ball down the slippery slopes of relationship hell. Gator Gochkal If you don’t want to date, you may hook up. Dating apps make it easier to avoid commitment. Numerous online apps offer a platform for casual sexual encounters. Celebrity Hookup “Most forms of sexual communication,” says UCLA Law’s Resnick, “are inherently problematic because of unequal power dynamics. Research that suggests that hookup culture is really just a polite way of describing sexual assault.” Using a hookup app is inherently empowering. “Women who hook up and find their sexual encounters empowering experiences are more likely to say they’ve been sexually assaulted,” adds Resnick. A survey of new college graduates published in 2015 found that most respondents said hookup apps helped them have sex with more partners. About one in eight respondents, it found, also thought hookup apps helped them have better relationships. Anonymous There are a growing number of dating apps out there, but most are designed for building romantic relationships. Meanwhile, companies like OKCupid and Tinder have built platforms for casual sex, but they’re often used for settling into the sort of long-term intimacy that can blossom into something deeper. Funny Daters If you’re looking to marry that witty little app that already matches you with the hottest of singles, Christian Mingle is as close as your smartphone. But if you’re really looking to find that one spark that sends you to the altar or helps you replicate your Netflix marathons at the theater for years to come, check out a place like 2014, Michael Phillips All of the resources on this site are free, and you don’t need any special registration to use them. It’s easy to find a local hookup! Success Stories Indie Hackers If you have an online job or freelance work, you’re at increased risk of being cheated on. As noted above, women make up


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