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If you’re finding yourself reluctant to have sex, it’s because you’ve been conditioned by society and porn to view sex as something illicit and risky. Nowadays, it may seem you’re in a constant cat-and-mouse game with sexual partners, never truly certain of their intentions. Knowing your health The dedicated hookup app is the horny person’s vessel for hot instant gratification. But the cool thing is that most dating apps can be used for sex purposes these days. Where you decide to go to find your casual fling really just depends on how much you’d like to know about the person in your bed. The butterflies of meeting someone new are still there — they just might be happening in a different region of the body. There’s little doubt that many millions of people still view casual sex as an unserious and impulsive activity. For most people, it’s a short-term, booze-fueled escapade or low-maintenance fling. But as sex has grown more casual, the resulting change in attitudes and social norms is the most important driver behind casual sex’s ever-spreading acceptance and prevalence. So for most, knowing that casual sex is part of what we’ll call a lifestyle choice rather than just a momentary impulse will help you make rational decisions about it. In a recent discussion on Tinder, one guy explained that he’d found casual sex extremely awkward and confusing. He confessed to me that he hadn’t had sex in ages and had only recently started dating again. As a 31-year-old married dad of three, he was well aware that he was already way too old for his current hookup habits. The speed and ferocity with which he’d met casual sex partners had all but convinced him that none of it was legitimate and that he should just accept that he was a slut. Society has stigmatized “regular sex” over the last 20 years or so, he said, and as a result, he often assumed that he was doing something reprehensible by having casual sex. “I can barely even say the term casual sex.” For most of human history, adult sexual practices were a very limited and unadulterated part of humanity’s core identities — both men and women had sex only to procreate, and if they had sex outside of marriage, it was a very big deal, something to be ashamed of and only disclosed to trusted family or friends. “Having casual sex is often a way for men to reaffirm their sexual identities in the context
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On the flip side, writing on the site, science writer Amanda Fortini pointed to a recent (yet old) study that found that condomless sex led to more frequent, explosive sex. She writes: “Condomless sex has been likened to a healthy eating plan: We sometimes enjoy a slice of pizza or bowl of ice cream every now and then. But given the choice, we would prefer to eat healthier — and the same is true for sex. Most of us prefer to do it with a condom.” The most dangerous thing about casual sex, then, isn’t the casual aspect of it, but rather how we relate to one another. Casual sex is stigmatized and discredited because we’ve been taught to repress human nature in favor of the idea that romantic love must be the foundation of our relationships. That’s never been true and never will be. Condomless sex has been likened to a healthy eating plan: We sometimes enjoy a slice of pizza or bowl of ice cream every now and then. But given the choice, we would prefer to eat healthier — and the same is true for sex. Most of us prefer to do it with a condom. 7 Ways to Protect Yourself From Hinge Sex. This is the best and most detailed article I’ve read on the subject, and I would highly recommend you read it in its entirety before proceeding. But the basic idea is that the most safe sex scenario is to practice “alarm-porn” — that is, get into a habit of doing something that makes you think of sex with someone you may not actually be into. The idea is that the act of thinking of sex acts in a sexual way (even if you’re not actually doing anything) will in itself become part of your “visual library” as it were. This becomes vital when you’re going about things casually, because often you don’t have an opinion of someone who has just struck up a conversation. I suggest you consider the whole that idea the next time you’re talking to someone you might want to get to know better: Think about how to “be sexual” with them, even if you don’t actually get there. Hookup myths Tinder is a geospatial dating app that matches you to people based on location. Swipe left on someone you don’t want to see again for a second chance. Things aren’t that easy for those who are still learning about their sexual development, however. Your sexual orientation, personal relationships, and past traumas can


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