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The CCM was originally made for MSN Messenger users as a utility to add emoticons, avatars, weemees, backgrounds, and display pictures to your msn accounts. However, it has since been customized to be a stand-alone application and now supports the Windows Live Messenger, as well as AIM, Yahoo and Google Chat. As you might imagine, CCM’s functionality is a lot more complex. Now you can add custom content to Windows Live Messenger, and that content can be imported into MSN Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, AIM, Yahoo, and Google Chat. With CCM you can choose and download more than 500 different avatar packs, background packs and emoticon packs to update your friends’ conversations. You can also download a large number of wallpapers that work perfectly with your messenger program. CCM also supports weemees and emoticon packs, such as winks and moods. You can view, preview and install weemees, emoticon packs, or just their contents as well. CCM provides a simple and efficient way to customize your friends’ conversations and instant messages. CCM Features: 1-Add content from more than 500 avatars, emoticons, background packs and emoticon packs that are a lot more than your friends can offer. As an example: Your friends usually own avatars of the following patterns: (a) Simple Rose, (b) Sexy Rose, and (c) Happy Rose. But you have avatars of the following patterns: (a) Happy Razzberry, (b) Sexy Razzberry, and (c) Happy Berry. So you’ll have a much greater variety of emoticons and avatars to display them with than your friends. And if your friend doesn’t have the same colors that you have, you can just replace the colours of your emoticon with theirs. 2-You can not only download and browse more than 500 avatars, emoticons, and backgrounds in CCM, but you can also preview them. That means you can see how your friends would look like with your customized avatar in their conversations. 3-When you want to add content, you can just grab the content from either of your computer files and drag it to CCM’s windows. CCM will figure it out and import the content in just a few clicks. This means you don’t need to waste a lot of time searching and copy/pasting the content. 4-Each and every avatar, background, and

Custom Content Manager

It appears that Windows Live Messenger 7.00 & Windows Live Messenger 2007 are using a new protocol for “storing files in MOP and MCO format”. This new protocol is not supported by CSM.In this bug report we show you an example of how to work with the new protocol. To follow the same steps, please rename the file csm.xml in your… Download 5.86 Mb MSN ICQ 7.53 (Real ICQ) Download 0.60 Mb Windows Live Messenger 7.05 Download 3.31 Mb MSN Windows Live Messenger New download on habboo. Windows Live Messenger (WLM) is a messenging client from Microsoft for use on MSN. The new version 7.05 includes many fixes, improvements, optimizations, new effects, and much more. Also, the availability of PMP (Personalized Messages Presentation) for MSN, allowes you to show or hide many MSN features on the Windows Live Messenger. Download 13.84 Mb MSN Windows Live Messenger 2007 Download 2.72 Mb MSN Messenger MSN Messenger is the original MSN Client for instant messaging online, it has been the most popular PC messenger since 1994. Download 9.30 Mb Windows Live Messenger Beta Download 0.44 Mb Windows Live Messenger Beta The Beta is not a finished program. We are offering it to you now, Beta users will receive many bugfixes and new features within two weeks. With many packages, you can find one which fits your needs. Windows Live Messenger 7.05 (IE 6 compatible) Download 4.06 Mb Windows Live Messenger 7.05 (IE 7 compatible) Download 4.10 Mb Windows Live Messenger 7.05 (IE 8 compatible) Download 7.03 Mb Windows Live Messenger 7.05 (IE 7 compatible) Download 5.67 Mb 91bb86ccfa

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Custom Content Manager (CCM) is a stand-alone application to manage all your custom content for MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger such as Display Pictures (avatars), Emoticons, Backgrounds, Winks, and more. It lets you download free images (or emoticons) to your messenger account and have them automatically imported to messenger. You can also download and install your friend’s display pictures (or emoticons) from your buddy’s list. It also lets you preview and install *.MCO files which contain flash MSN (or WLM) winks, moods, or weemees. Features: Create Display Pictures, Emoticons and Weemees easily with its many templates. Download free Image files from hundreds of Web sites. Preview and install Free Display Pictures and Emoticons. Download And Install display pictures (or emoticons) from buddy’s list. Preview and install *.MCO files. Search a display pictures file by file name, size or extension. Search a display picture by viewing the picture’s thread. Search a display picture by keyword. Search a display picture by rating. Search a display picture by time and date. Send a wink to your friends. Quickly add a Display Picture, Emoticon or Weemee to your M: conversations. Add and remove display pictures from your buddy’s list. Add the same Display Picture or Emoticon to multiple conversations. View a snapshot of the last 20 conversations. Customize your profile picture and make it Winks. Download for free the latest animated and static avatars. Get wallpapers with lower pixel resolution. Download for free animated and static avatars to Messenger. Additional features: Internet connection is required to download free emoticons and backgrounds. Ads support from one of the leading publishers in the world. Publisher’s Description ★★★★★★★ “MOZILLACMSF” is a must have software for MSN / Windows Live Messenger(impex, PIXEL, flickspin, chatspinner, mibb, mfone, oi8u, oi7u, pimppro, egexe, etc. ) users to make your messenger with more colorful and lively!! It comes in two options: CONTENT DOWNLOADER (for CE/DP Stealer) and CONTENT MANAGER (for CE/DP download and management). The

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This 3-in-1 application has three unique functions: Content Downloader: Download and import background and avatar content from Internet (including html page) to MSN, WLM and Windows Live Messenger and save them to the TEMP folder or put them in the Download folder (if you choose the latter option, you must confirm). This feature can also download and save CE and DP files from your buddy in your Contact List. Content Stealer: Download files and import them to Windows Live Messenger or MSN Messenger. You can choose one or more buddy’s display picture files, emoticons or even backgrounds, which are saved into the TEMP folder or put them into the Download folder (if you choose the latter option, you must confirm). It also has a preview function for MCO files. Content Manager: Manage all your buddy’s content by uploading, updating, deleting and installing files, such as emoticons, backgrounds or even birthday greetings. Create a shortcut from your WINBOX folder (you can find your WINBOX folder from the C:\WinBox\ menu), save it into your Desktop and then run the Content Downloader which will let you import the emoticons, background, and smiley picture files into your messenger. And you can also install any other display picture file, emoticon, background and MCO file from the TEMP folder to your contact list or to your Messenger. And you can also preview the MCO files by double-clicking them. And you can also install the MCO files to your contact list or your messenger. Custom Content Manager (MCO) Manager (Demo – freeware) You can use this MCO Manager to preview and install CE and DP files which contain Flash Windows Live (or MSN) winks, moods or weemees (also known as Flash CSN). Content Manager (Demo – freeware) You can use this Content Manager to upload, update, delete, and install files such as emoticons, backgrounds, and smiley pictures, which are saved into the TEMP folder or the Download folder. Content Management and Downloader (Demo – freeware) You can use this Content Management and Downloader to import content files, which are stored in your Message Control Panel, to Windows Live (or MSN) Messenger. Content Downloader (Demo – freeware) You can use this Content Downloader to save files from the Internet

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