Delftship Professional 4.03.68 [2021]



Delftship Professional 4.03.68

we are happy to announce delftship release 4.03, which is a major update. this release contains many new features and improvements and is the last we will ship without a free update. included are:

  • procedural mesh subdivision and hidden geometry are now on by default
  • delftship can now “compare” models and suggest improvements
  • there are 2 new 3d print plugins
  • the 3d milling option has been removed, but was always available from the mesh panel
  • the “save as > mesh” function was removed but is still available in the 3d modeler as a “save to mesh” function
  • some minor bugs have been fixed

delftship release 4.03 is a major update, and a lot has happened behind the scenes. new features and improvements have been added, some old ones have been improved, and the user interface has been updated. in short, the product is more robust, faster and easier to use.

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