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Recently, I was asked to look at a file that was written by a professor that (I am assuming) was for a course in mathematics or physics where he was teaching students all the lessons on hand. He was using an MS Excel file to perform analysis and it was the first time I had ever seen this kind of thing.        The file was over a half a page long,        there were a total of. DifferentialEquationsByZill3rdEditionpdf It started by listing out a t-subset that is a subinterval of the domain of interest, the domain interval, and then a few examples of constants. It then went on to list out what elements are related to each of the constants that were earlier mentioned, what the domains are, and what subsets of elements of the domain that are implied by earlier defined constants. This continued until there was nothing left to fit into the document. This document was then referred back to later, by a professor or TA, and it was the purpose of the document to demonstrate a student’s knowledge in a mathematical course in.                                                                                                                                    Â



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