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Dkart Navigator 5.32

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dkart navigator is an electronic navigation chart system specially designed to facilitate all the navigational tasks of mariner’s day-to-day practice.
dkart navigator uses vector electronic charts that enables fast analysis of navigation situation and prediction of possible changes. in addition to the information available in the traditional paper charts, electronic charts contain information from other sources such as lists of lights and sailing directions.

navigator x has been designed with a robust control framework to ensure efficient day-to-day operation. this allows for the system to be updated at any time, without any modification to the software. as a result, minimal training is required for the end-user.the system automatically connects to the external sensors (weather, speed, etc.) required for operation and regularly sets up monitoring functions. navigator x is a robust system that has been designed to reduce the risk of failure by ensuring the system is constantly monitored for error. this helps to improve safety and efficiency at sea, whilst remaining affordable. have been developed with the end-user in mind that requires a minimal amount of training.

seismic navigator/data processor 2011-2017.
a marine seismic navigator with 6 years experience.
experience in 2d, 3d, waz, topseis seismic projects.
experienced in seapronav, orca, spectra, seaproresolve, sprint, nautilus, digicourse system 3.
experienced in seismic navigation data processing, troubleshooting, qc, back deck operations, online qc, frequent crew member for small boat missions.
a good knowledge of the practical application of survey methods, data analyzing, charting.

hydrographic surveyor/data processor 2007-2011.
an offshore surveyor/data processor with 4+ years experience.
experience in rig moves, pipe-laying, jetting operations, tie-ins, pull-ins, pipeline inspection, multibeam survey/data processing, charting, sampling.
experienced in qinsy, qimera, fledermaus, qloud, hypack, hydropro, global mapper, terramodel, autocad, trimble business center.

equipment utilized:
veripos, c-nav, trimble, fugro dgps (hp, xp, g2)
mbes reson seabat 9001, sbes kongsberg ea 500, ea 600
nortek adcp
digicourse acoustic units, nautilus v3
rgps (seatrack vcu/tbu 200/220, buoylink)

report measures the level of creativity within organizations. this measure replaces the net present value measure. it is intended to measure the outcomes of creativity and the relationships of creativity with other metrics. for example, a large, and well-funded organization with little creativity may be a poor candidate for a highly creative score. innovation in an organization can be considered more important in larger organizations. dkart navigator handles lists in response to a request for a list of pages in the list is a collection of urls, or a set of urls to pages of a certain category, such as “about us,” or “governance,” or “locations.” the list is probably not complete, since not all urls in are listed. the rtc multidisplay for windows and linux enables multi display dkart navigator, which provides an automated and interactive navigational process. for each display, where the path is displayed in relative mode, the user is able to set a preferred speed mode and a preferred path. if the preferred speed mode is set to “preferred,” the skipper can observe the best navigation speed. dkart navigator is highly integrated system that consists of a flight deck (that displays digital charts, wave and tide tables, ais, arpa, wind forecasts, automatic detection of mastheads and bearings, and autopilot on high resolution displays, and lists of lights, skippers advisor, different nautical information modes), tower (that can be placed at any pilot position), and several user interfaces: an intuitive touch screen operation unit that can be placed at any position, that includes the vessel’s navigation displays, the skipper advisor, maritime information, arpa targets and bearings, ais tracks and reports, prn target prediction, etc. a multifunctional remote display with a touch screen operation unit and the user interface below, on the desk (please note that the remote display can be placed on top of the ship in operation, and not inside the wheelhouse). the rtc is composed of a 1 megapixel camera and a pc running dkart navigator that has 2 displays: one at the operator’s table (where the dkart navigator flight deck is displayed), and one at the remote display (where the radar track information is displayed, the user interface below, on the desk). 5ec8ef588b


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