Download ##BEST## Ebook Female Brain Indonesia Pdf

Download ##BEST## Ebook Female Brain Indonesia Pdf



Download Ebook Female Brain Indonesia Pdf

With the pandemic, a healthy immune system is essential. Emerging research is showing that low vitamin D levels may increase the risk of dying from COVID-19. In a pre-print cohort study (pre-print means it is not yet peer-reviewed) from Indonesia, researchers looked at the influence of age, sex, pre-existing conditions, and vitamin D levels on outcomes in 780 patients with COVID-19. The majority of deaths were among older males with pre-existing conditions and who had below-normal vitamin D levels. The researchers concluded that when controlled for age, sex, and comorbidity, vitamin D level is strongly associated with the risk of mortality from COVID-19.

Although female and male brains may have similar structures, some research indicates that, on average, women are more empathetic and intuitive than men, and men are more logical and analytical. And although women and men are both creative, their brain pathways are more dissimilar when it comes to creative thinking than they are for analytical thinking. That, researchers say, may explain the gender disparity in jobs such as writing and artistry. In The Science of Pleasure, a new book by a pioneering neuroscientist studying the effects of such thinking on health, women and men learn to enhance their already-natural creativity.

Despite all the attention lavished on the frontal lobes, the cerebellum, and the right hemisphere, the left hemisphere is the real brain, says Emma Whitelaw, PhD. Understanding this hemisphere is crucial to understanding how the brain works.

A new study from researchers at the University of Virginia reveals that the parts of the brain that control learning are less mature in girls and in boys than those that control higher-level cognitive functions. And the development of these regions may be responsible for their differing behaviors. The study also found that higher IQ is related to accelerated maturation of brain development.

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