Download Shin Chan Movie Adventures In Henderland In Hindi [NEW]

Download Shin Chan Movie Adventures In Henderland In Hindi [NEW]


Download Shin Chan Movie Adventures In Henderland In Hindi

One day, while watching the show on TV, Toppema and her friends want to perform an epic ‘Flower & White’ magic act. When Shin-chan enters the room, his tricks make them get lost from place and he even smashed everything in the room. The girls realize that Shin-chan is a special magician and they make him meet their master, Riza. Riza makes a trick to make Shin-chan stay calm. He announced that he will participate in an adventure event and anyone will be able to participate.

While on a date with Shin-chan, Toppema and her friends takes him to the magical world. Riza explains the rules of this adventure and they told Shin-chan to go to the enchant castle and open his special sky door and he will be given the mission to save the enchanted princess.

Shin-chan meets a boy named Nohara. Nohara gives him a paper with instructions to make Nohara get embarrassed. Later he and Akiko are at the Tin-Tin room. There Nohara and Akiko meet Shin-chan. When Nohara asks Akiko if she wants to visit the magical world Akiko runs away. Meanwhile, Shin-chan starts using his magic skills and makes Nohara sad and Akiko appears in front of him.

After waking up, Akiko is wandering in the streets with her umbrella and she meets Toppema and her friends. She meets Riza and then learned of the magic and then showed her own abilities. She chased after Shin-chan and help Toppema, Nohara, and Akiko then they go to the Hanayakko Castle. At Hanayakko Castle, Shin-chan learned about everything about magic by meeting Riza, Toppema, and Akiko. Riza makes a trick for them to open the Sky door and they have to save a magical girl called Baby Yuki, who is kidnapped. Shin-chan meets Riza in the library and learns many magic skills. They head to the Hanayakko Castle, and open the sky door which leads into the enchanted world.

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