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The fantasy action RPG that the original creator of FINAL FANTASY games, Hironobu Sakaguchi, is developing. As a main protagonist, you will be born in a village of dwarves that live in the ruins of an ancient civilization, and you will grow into a hero amidst challenges far beyond your expectations. Together with other heroes, you will form a village that will protect the peace that the world once had. KEY FEATURES: *Your own character. By answering the question of “What would a hero be?” with originality and playability, the player creates their own character in the role of a hero. Based on the principles of the FINAL FANTASY series, this character develops into a powerful knight, a brave soldier, or a great mage. Players of all ages will find their own role and enjoy the dramatic path of the hero. *Like an epic drama. A world of two is created, and there are many conflicts to watch unfold. Your character is strongly attached to the environment in which they live, and their interactions with the other characters are portrayed vividly. Each of the main characters is living an idealistic and dramatic life. *Unique online play. A massive and various world that players can enjoy in a very unique action RPG experience. The world is composed of various political systems that are loosely connected. Connect with other players and enjoy an online game that can be described as the “final fantasy of life as a common hero.” *Wonderful graphics. A very detailed map and a breathtakingly beautiful world, where the land and sky are intricately connected, creates a world that should be experienced in person. The expansion of in-game graphics is in progress, and the 3D model of the Hero has been created. *A world for everyone. The role of the Hero of Squares, drawn from the hearts of the players, and the development path for the player to enjoy the drama of an “epic fantasy life” are taken into account. The game should be enjoyed by even those who are not familiar with RPG games. *Strategically convenient system. The gameplay of the title is beautifully constructed, and players can enjoy the challenge of various multi-stage dungeons that are smoothly connected. *Addressed to all types of players. The title has a full range of systems, and the player’s experience can be greatly different depending on their play style. *Share


Features Key:

  • Elden Lands.
  • A large and broad world.
  • A vast world of dynamic rooms.
  • Various character classes.
  • Customize your character’s appearance.
  • Unique classes in melee combat.
  • Rise: the Determination and mastery of the power of the Elden Ring to those who have sufficient understanding of the interconnected world. (Elden Lordship)
  • The Feel of Tarnished Gray.
  • Various kinds of Reputation.
  • Beginners can take pleasure in the characterization of the characters.
  • Comprehensive mapping of course.
  • Elden Ring key features:

    • Mankind
    • Customize your character’s appearance.
    • Unique classes in melee combat.

    Elden Ring game key features:

    • 3D and fluid action RPG
    • Close Online Socialization.
    • Dynamic and rich story.
    • Unique battle system with a combination of magic and melee attacks.

    Elden Ring game key features:

    • Versatile battle systems featuring a combination of magic attacks and melee attacks and systematic rules for using items.
    • You can freely combine the weapons, armor, and magic that you equip.
    • Player vs. Player action in more than 10 large, open-areas and massive dungeons.
    • Open-areas with dynamic systems such as the Goblin Wars.
    • Multiplayer where you can directly connect with other players and travel together.
    • Battle and progression systems which are similar to the real world, with a sense of achievement.

    Elden Ring game key features:


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

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