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The process can be a little more involved but the benefits of going the “hard” way are that the act becomes a fully orchestrated act, one that can be delegated and possibly planned. An arranged hookup isn’t all bad though, because as one of our writers reveals in the story below, it can be empowering. Hookups aren’t always casual sex. And they aren’t always casual encounters. Head over to the Good Housekeeping website for a free 7 day trial on video sex talks. But if you don’t want the pressure of having to fuck someone you don’t know just yet then the answer is no, casual sex is not bad. Your last point is a very interesting one. This same kind of pressure is expected of dating partners. It’s all about expectations, and having a hard time forcing yourself to expect that what you are getting is what you should be expecting. Dudes, if you can’t accept the fact that you are hooking up then you are truly missing out on the point of casual sex. It’s this expectation that provides the pressure. Learn more about what being in a relationship with another person means at Big Think — everything from the release of dopamine while in the act of seducing someone to the possible downsides of loving the object of your affection. If you decide to give it a shot it’s like looking at photos of yourself with your eyes closed. If you believe in the effectiveness of organized dating, then it will give you more freedom, and will in turn make it much easier to meet like-minded individuals. Mind you, casual sex isn’t about a sleazy hookup on the side of the road in the middle of the day. However, the very nature of casual sex and its loose boundaries allows casual sex to become something more than just a simple lay or sex-for-hire, he says. Casual sex can be the foundation of a monogamous relationship, or something to spice up one, or an innocent fling to relieve one’s stress. When asked by a reporter that he would rather not be having an affair with a married woman, he said, “I would rather do that than this [engaging in casual sex]. It’s so low down, it’s so vulgar”. It really depends on how they lead. For the most part, casual sex is harmless. Depending on how you go about it though, it can be risky. If you agree to have sex at a party, pick something that’s off of the beaten path. Do
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