Foxit Phantompdf Business 23 ((HOT))

Foxit Phantompdf Business 23 ((HOT))

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Foxit Phantompdf Business 23

if you need to modify the text in your pdf, you can do so quite easily with the find and replace feature built into phantompdf business 7. this lets you quickly search for items that are already in your pdf, or search for a particular word or a specific text area. then you can easily replace its appearance.

in addition to the new business-focused tools in this release, there are dozens of other tweaks and enhancements in foxit phantompdf, including better data detection to ensure that documents get scanned or ocr-ed properly and a revamped pdf browser that makes it easier than ever to launch files that are stored in cloud services or on remote servers. but probably the most significant change to phantompdf in this release is its introduction of connectedpdf, a new document-sharing platform that allows users to collaborate on documents within their own networks and even to share the same documents outside those networks as well.

for business users, connectedpdf is a dream come true: it lets you share documents, collaborate on them, discuss them, embed annotations into them, and even distribute them to both internal and external users. it even lets you record all the important actions you take on a document, adding a layer of workflow tracking that should help you keep track of how and why documents get created and who takes an active role in them. in short, it basically gives you a new way to share and collaborate on documents.

foxit phantompdf business also takes connectedpdf one step further. it lets you share documents to third-party cloud services like box and dropbox, as well as more traditional means, like email or ftp. it also lets you distribute and share your documents to a wide range of internet-based services. in short, you can share your cloud documents to wherever you want them to go, whenever you want them to go there, and however you want them to get there. pretty neat, eh?

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