Fritzing For Inventors Pdf 13 WORK

Fritzing For Inventors Pdf 13 WORK

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Fritzing For Inventors Pdf 13

Fritzing is a great tool when you really need lots of flexibility with your schematic. You can try out pin or solder mask placement, change the footprint of a component and instantaneously change its appearance. You can also layer parts without adding additional clutter to your design file. The breadboard view lets you work out placement on the real thing, and simulate it with a schematic. The general idea is great, but the learning curve is ugly. The tutorial itself is rather poor and I’m hoping to find better alternatives. Everyone has had a bad tutorial or two, so I’m not sure this is a problem. This tool does a terrific job with circuit diagrams though, and it’s a great companion to the $49 circuit design studio they included with the File menu. I wish it supported parallel port connections for custom parts.

Fritzing is great for prototyping and visualizing your circuit before you build it. It lets you try out your layout on a breadboard before committing to a big project. The breadboard view is like a two-dimensional version of the layout, so you can double-check that you’re not designing poorly. Then you can build a prototype with metal parts. The changes are instant, but your footprint may not align with your schematic, so you may need to edit manually. Fritzing uses a layout-to-schematic translator (a layer above the schematic), so you can layer components and change their physical size, but you have to create that layer manually.

One problem with Fritzing is that it has very limited memory. You can store two polygons, but there’s no way to add multiple components or layers at once. It’s pretty easy to spend hours repainting your board in Fritzing to get it to look decent, but it wouldn’t be a great interactive simulation tool. Fortunately, the learning curve is pretty much non-existent, and the PCB templates in Fritzing are great for prototyping. I find that I can often recreate a decent layout of a component with an imported footprint. The breadboard view is great for verifying parts assignments. If you’re not interested in layering components, you can actually skip that feature of Fritzing altogether. It’s still worth the free download.



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