HD Online Player (the Purge Anarchy 1080p Mp4)

HD Online Player (the Purge Anarchy 1080p Mp4)


HD Online Player (the Purge Anarchy 1080p Mp4)

but i do know that she has had the chance to work with social psychologists in the study of the crowd mentality in many different environments and she does think at some point in the future we may all succumb to this, be it in kind of a really ironic way.

grillo also discussed the difference between playing crossbones in the purge and playing the punisher in the marvel cinematic universe. he may play a comic book character in the comics but he doesn’t want to play a comic book character in a movie. the same goes for working with his buddy vin diesel. he loves working with the guy. just as long as he doesnt go crazy.

im curious how the new marvel comic characters played in the the purge universe would play into the larger marvel cinematic universe. while he wouldn’t say how, he did explain his reasons for choosing crossbones instead of the punisher.

written and directed by james demonaco, the purge: anarchy is set in a post-apocalyptic future in america, where the annual 12-hour purge is a nationwide holiday from law, during which all crime, including murder, is legal. however, the citizens must survive the night by doing the purge and killing their “baddies”.

the cast of the purge: anarchy includes:

frank grillo (the punisher)
c.j. graham (the saint)
gerald mcraney (american history x, dogma)
regina hall (a raisin in the sun)
esai morales (mystic river)
c.s. leigh (from hell, quills)
peter stormare (black book)
shea whigham (blue state)
keean johnson (green lantern)
gabriel chavarria (shade of the dead)
danny huston (x men: first class)
tawny cypress (empire)
brian tyler (apollo 13, the bourne legacy)
kerry condon (scary movie 3, sucker punch)
michaela watkins (12 jump street)
joey fatone (mad tv)
derek mio (the unborn)
chris brown (the twilight saga: breaking dawn)


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