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Mibbit is a free and reliable torrenting site for movies, music, literature and video games. The site makes it easy to search, find, download and share torrent files. The platform is designed in such a way so that it would not incur any costs or bandwidth costs. Besides that, it also makes it easier for users to become a torrent network contributor. If your site is still in the beta testing phase, Mibbit is the best alternative for it.

Grungebook is an excellent site to download movies. The platform also offers a forum where users can chat and interact with each other. Another impressive thing about Grungebook is that it is one of the fastest torrent sites, thanks to the fact that it makes use of the ddns or dynamic DNS service.

Snag is one of the popular and fastest torrent sites. Snag is a well-known site for streaming services. It makes streaming popular movies, games, sports, tv-shows and much more. Apart from that, the site is ranked among the best torrent sites because of its outstanding site search and user interface. Snag is also known for its impressive speeds when it comes to torrent downloads.

The Pirate Bay makes its return after a year-long hiatus with its usual torrents, as well as some exciting new additions, like hacked TV and movie torrents. Just like previous years, it’s likely that the first few days of the year will see lots of data loss as the site is overrun with seeders. Nevertheless, you can be reassured that the site continues to be one of the best torrents sites and will provide an incredible 12GB of data with the beginning of the year.



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