How Crack Advanced Curve Creator

9crack is a cracking site with no C&C released cracked software. This site is full of links to crack. You will be redirected to a fake cracked software page and also you will get some kind of affiliate/earnings scam. Also, this site doesn’t like my browser, it is only for Chrome. Please use Chrome if you wish to use cracked software like at 9crack.

FreeAgentbackup is one of the oldest cracking site. It has more then 30,000 cracked software titles and they are all free to download. However, I noticed that all their cracked software is released by the same authors and the software is old. The site is also offering a special deal for you to enjoy all cracked software for free. But, there is a catch for you. You have to download and install their toolbar and this is a no no.

Hacker Bay Crack & Code Site offers a quick & free download of cracked software such as Smadav, Avast Secure Browser, VLC Media Player etc. Again this is a user-friendly site and it isn’t a complicated website. But its a bit slow when you are doing a search. However, its a decent website that is a good place to start if you are looking to download cracked software.

Zonecracker Crack & CCD Site offers a quick & free download of cracked software such as Mcafee Internet Security, Mcafee AntiVirus, Mcafee Antivirus, MS Security Essentials, Avast Secure Browser, VLC Media Player, Nero Free Antivirus etc. This site is not much different from Hacker Bay Crack & Code Site, but it is a bit faster when you are doing a search.

iCracked is considered to be one of the best cracking site. It has more than 35,000 cracked software titles and you can download cracked software for free. However, there are some major problems with their website. The first is they are just updating cracked software on their site without taking a look at what it is cracked. So, be careful when you download software from this site. The 2nd problem with iCracked is there is a lot of ads on their website as well.



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