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The Zamzar app lets you download just about anything from the web. If you want to view the web in Windows, this is the best. You can also add websites to your Favorites if you want to repeat a particular site over and over. I’ll admit, I can’t remember the last time I googled a web site.

The database locking utility that I talked about in my last article works just as well as any other half-assed program, making it a great lightweight download if you don’t need to lock databases while you’re working on them.

This application is a must-have. If you’ve got a Mac and you like listening to music, Spotify is one of the best apps around. It works for streaming any library of songs, which is a boon for people who are into DJ mixes.

Looking for the latest batch of free-to-play games, but don’t want to install them manually, like manually reading a list of games in your software’s installer and opening it, wait for a list of games to download, and then manually installing them one by one?

The biggest drawback of CleanUp! is that it does not provide any search engine function; you have to browse through the vast amount of content to find your desired files. The site also does not have direct file links, and you have to search the entire site every time you want to download.

As a result, you probably won’t be convinced to spend more than a minute on this site, especially if you need to download the top 10 programs. But if you’re searching for more specialized software, then you will probably find what you’re looking for here.



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