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A study by the Library of Congress found that the prevalence of software piracy in the United States in the mid-1980s was as high as 60%. Electronic piracy of software is one of the largest industries in the world, with revenue of more than $40 billion generated in 2013 by methods such as unauthorized copying and distribution of software.

That is why educational institutions are much more likely to obtain licenses for software than the general public. Downloading pirated software is illegal, and school computers should therefore be kept free of it. Software piracy damages the reputation of the school, the software company, and the students. Students sometimes face repercussions from their school’s IT department, the software company and even their parents. Piracy is a prosecutable offense in the United States, and licensing software legally should help combat software piracy. This is especially true when students download software from companies like the Software Development Corporation, which provides educational discounts and offers apps for special educational purposes.

If you are looking for free Android apps for students, try giving the “Software Development Centers” a try. These are almost all educational or student-oriented, and many of them will put you in touch with an educational software developer that will allow you to pay for software or receive access to software for free (including special education discounts).

The only downside to shopping at Amazon is that you need a college account to be able to buy it. There is also the option of free software or free books (until you hit the 5GB download limit). Amazon Appstore



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