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Software applications are often created by large companies in order to improve the functionality of their own programs. These applications are then released and sold to a broader public. For example, a word processor application can be released, and the company can make profits from the purchase of new licenses or add-on features. Software piracy is the illegal copying and distribution of copyrighted materials, most commonly of computer programs. Software piracy is a form of theft, made possible by the open architecture of modern computer systems. Compromised computers can be hijacked or used to download infected software by malware, Trojan horses, viruses and worms.

The most well-known and most frequent reason for piracy is the desire to obtain new software at a discount. Software businesses do not make much money on their products, due to low demand for their products as well as the high cost of development. For these reasons, a very common business model is one in which new versions of software are released at significant discounts. This model is used by big software vendors, who release numerous product updates every month, not only to bring in new users, but also to maintain their current ones. A technically advanced piracy program, often combined with tools such as virus scanners and Trojans can remove all copyright protection. This is used, for example, in a scheme known as The Pirate Bay, which originally only dealt with copyright-infringing material, but now concentrates on software cracking. This is sometimes known as warez. The Pirate Bay was created by Swedish lawyer Fredrik Neij, who bought a domain name from an individual that wanted to sell domain. Neij sent an e-mail to the owner, asking why he wanted to sell the domain name. The owner revealed his plan to release warez. Neij responded by setting up a warez site, which was a success, with many connections.



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