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Ahora-Miniclick was the very first game torrent site we ever used. We still visit it regularly, as it is one of the few ones that doesnt require Java to work. All the games are free to download and well organized. You can browse by any number of categories and even select the language of the game you want. If you ever need to find something, feel free to browse the forums. The site even has an armory of released games that are easy to find.

AllGamesSafe is a new site that is becoming incredibly popular for game downloaders. This site is quite similar to Slayers. Its clean, quick and informative. Downloads are easy and simple. The only thing thats missing is an armory of games. We hope this changes soon. AllGamesSafe is also free to use.

This site has a good, easy-to-use layout that is simple to navigate. You dont need much to start torrenting. Grab your downloads and hit the road. It will use your download speed and experience to decide when to download the file. A simple click can begin the process.

Limewire is the most well-known torrent downloader on the planet. It is also the oldest and most used. It has been around forever and as a result is has a ton of community support. Unfortunately, it is now rather outdated and sluggish. If you see a great game youd like to download and its not on Limewires, you wont be able to. This is a downfall of this site however.

TotalTorrents isnt a standard file sharing site like Limewire. Instead, it caters to the casual, college student gamer who just wants to download and play new games. There isnt a ton of community support and while searching the categories is very easy, it doesnt offer many technical features like automatically downloading the game or completing the download. If these features do exist however, they arent advertised.



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