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There are different types of torrents such as the decentralized torrent or the torrent released through The Pirate Bay. HD releases and torrents with high seeds are hard to find though. Torrents don’t have any qualities or any information that is not clear. Downloading online torrents is safer than downloading torrents from an unknown peer.

The general file sharing guides out there are not the same as actual content. People are generally interested in sharing content free of charge whereas certain content, like movies, is rarely free. File sharing guides or how to guides generally provide download links to popular content or torrents. Going through a file sharing guide or torrent list can be a daunting task. Choose an online file sharing guide that’s reliable and an easy to understand.

Full-fledged torrent sites such as The Pirate Bay may be illegal in countries such as the United States. However, the site still manages to hold a huge amount of content. New torrents are added every hour, and their catalogue consists of a million torrents, many of which are torrents that will take a long time to download. Along with torrents and other files for download, the site also has DDLs (direct download links) for torrent files.

The most popular torrent site, lets face it. It is also a safe site for downloading torrents. Users all over the world can download torrents, and of course, uploading torrents. There is a variety of categories, like games, software, movies, etc. Other categories include music and videos. It even offers podcasting service.

TorrentSpy is the best torrent search engine that covers a vast array of torrents. From games, movies, TV series, software to music, TorrentSpy brings you everything you want to download. Apart from being one of the popular torrent search engines, it is also a great place to download torrents. Also, the page has a very neat layout that is much easier to use than torrent client utilities.



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