Imvu T3DE 205 __EXCLUSIVE__

Imvu T3DE 205 __EXCLUSIVE__


Imvu T3DE 205

IMVU has announced a new global business organization that will split the company into three parts, that will be managed by three separate teams: Creators, Gamer and Platform. Behind the scenes, the platform team is also preparing the infrastructure necessary for IMVUs community to freely interact and create new things. The new organization will start in Q2 2019 and support IMVU’s core businesses and the communities they serve. Read more about the news here.

IMVU is a small company. That means we think small. We dont like big. We dont like fear. Nor does it mean we dont dream big or think big. Its just our jobs to think about how we can improve our code and ourselves when weve mastered the tech. There are a lot of fun things to work on: real-world collaborations, upcoming in-app purchases, and much more.

In an interview with VCoin News, IMVU CEO Lomit Patel said, “Weve come to a place where all users of the IM networks have webcams. With the introduction of the VCoin platform, we can now use them to have avatars with virtual goods to trade with each other. At the same time, our users can also trade avatars and items on external platforms like Facebook and Twitter.”

VCoin however is the first virtual currency that can operate across IM networks and IM accounts, says Patel. He says, “Imvu is focused on developing the virtual economy for users. VCoin extends our users ability to experience the IM networks they currently use, such as Facebook and Twitter, or Tango and Buzz.”

VCoin can also be used on IM accounts, like Facebook and Twitter. IMVU says the move to build VCoin will not only open up new ways to monetise the already huge user base, but will also help turn IMVU into the next IM, with VCoin powering the virtual economy. Facebook already has a similar system in place called Facebook Credits. Whats interesting about VCoin is that theres no need to start from scratch.

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