Investitorul Intelligent De Benjamin Graham Pdf 11

Investitorul Intelligent De Benjamin Graham Pdf 11


Investitorul Intelligent De Benjamin Graham Pdf 11

superinvestor warren e. buffett, who got an a+ from ben graham at columbia in 1951, never stopped making the grade. he made his fortune using the principles of graham and dodds security analysis. here, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of that classic text, he tracks the records of investors who stick to the value approach and have gotten rich going by the book.

the intelligent investor thomas rogers graham is a great book for beginners, especially since it’s been continually updated and revised since its original publication in 1949. it’s considered a must-have for new investors who are trying to figure out the basics of how the market works. the book is written with long-term investors in mind. for those who are interested in something more glamorous and potentially trendier, this book may not hit the spot.

the book includes timeless bits of wisdom, such as:

  • the single most important fact that you can know about investing is that you cannot know.
  • the best way to estimate the value of an investment is to make an estimate of what you think a similar company would sell for.
  • if you dont understand something in the financial world, you must do your own research.

one of the best parts of the book are the bar graphs, statistical charts, and references to financial journals, which help to illustrate some of the key points, and as a reminder, and how to continue the discussion, the book has handy index tabs for easy reference.

you can’t go wrong with this book if you want a great introduction to value investing. it has simplified his approach so that it is a fun read, and it can help you gain valuable insights into the investment process.

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