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Name Life of trophy
Publisher melmert
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Life Of Trophy Features Key:

  • Natural and destructive death of enemies
  • Clear and rich story
  • Different classes and subclasses
  • Game Play Videos:

    • Gameplay and gameplay
    • More gameplay and gameplay


    • Survival horror
    • Story driven

    Game of the Year 2012»

    • Pathologic 2

    • The year 2014 and More more options for a challenge mode in a multiplayer

    • Dark Souls 2


    • 8 months of development
    • Xbox 360, PS3 and PC supported


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    • Facebook :


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        Download Life Of Trophy Crack


        How To Install and Crack Life Of Trophy:

      • CLIENT MANAGER : Files. Zip (Win XP)
      • LANDING PAGE : Download}
      • CRACK THREAD :-
      • How to install the game?
      • ENJOY!

      Install Life of trophy!

      Unzip game files with extension ".zip" located on the Client Manager page. Extract the files. After extracting, locate and double-click on the "client.ini" file. Then click on the "read" button to make settings changes. If asked to confirm, click Yes. After that, close the client.ini file and overwrite the client.exe file on the desktop. If asked, accept the prompt!

      Run game

      Launch game by clicking on the "client.exe" file. If asked to activate the game, accept the prompt. Then play!


      If you want to get content/takes from game, follow these commands:

      1) Start game, log in. Click on "Settings", "Options", "Tap" then &


      System Requirements For Life Of Trophy:

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      Name Life of trophy
      Publisher melmert
      Format File
      Rating 4.87 / 5 ( 3379 votes )
      Update (4 days ago)


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