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Crack Fix Battlefield 3 PATCH LINKS

Its been a crazy week as it looks like Battlefield 3 will finally leave Early Access at the end of the month. DICE has finally confirmed a release date for March 25th.There will be 6 updates to patch out with fixing bugs, fixing exploits, improving the UI and fixing game breaking bugs. The most important is the build 1.03 patch which resolves an exploit which allowed infinite ammo. There will be another update on March 11th with a new map called Durotar that you can now create your own mods for on pc. Battlefield 3 will be available on Steam, Origin, and PlayStation. A move that was inevitable with the launch of Battlefield 1 last year.

and what a week it has been, Battlefield 3 Early Access continues to grow. We had a nice surprise on Monday morning with the announcement that Battlefield 1 will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 20th. This means that you can share these fun games on your PS4 or Xbox with a friend. The expansion will bring six new maps that you can play with up to 64 players and the PlayStation 4 will be the only system to have access to the Hardline expansion at launch. The expansion will launch first for PC, then on all other platforms. Since a lot of you have been asking for it a new mode is coming too called Hardline. A Hardcore mode in the military shooter that will pit two teams against each other with no classes or weapons. You have to aim, shoot and lead your team to the objective by taking out the enemies and if the team is behind they lose. You can select from 5 maps for a total of 4v4, then move onto the objective.



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