Midiculous Serial.rar !EXCLUSIVE!

Midiculous Serial.rar !EXCLUSIVE!


Midiculous Serial.rar

with midiculous you will be able to learn anything! it can be lyrics from audio, a midi file, a song you have heard on the radio, or even just a midi file. you will be able to learn any song with the help of midiculous. midiculous has an extremely easy to use interface. all you need to do is to load a midi file, audio file, or video file and you will be able to see the notes, chord names and the score. you can also record yourself playing the midi file and playback the song to see yourself playing.

midiculous is the karaoke of midi. we have designed a very easy to use application. you can slow down, speed up, transpose keys, change the pitch and speed of any file. all you have to do is to select the song, click play and enjoy the fun.

midiculous will allow you to learn any song. you can learn lyrics from audio, midi, and video files. you will be able to learn chords and songs by ear with the help of midiculous. you can even record yourself playing the midi file and playback the song to see yourself playing.

we are always on the look out for ways to save our students money. the most efficient way we have found is to leverage the large amount of midi files that already exist on the internet. like the internet, we are constantly adding new midi files to our database to keep up with the ever growing musical activity around the world. we are able to provide midi files for all types of musical genres. songs can be piano, guitars, voices, and much more. we have been able to compile all of our midi files into a unique database which contains over 250,000 files that you can download for free! what makes midiculous unique is the fact that it has the ability to convert your midi files into your own lms files. this way you dont have to buy expensive programs and you dont have to spend your time looking for midi files. all you have to do is to load your midi files into midiculous, select the key signature and the tempo, and then you can play your music along with the midi notes. the possibilities are endless!

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