Notes In Spanish Transcript Pdf 34 ##HOT##

Notes In Spanish Transcript Pdf 34 ##HOT##



Notes In Spanish Transcript Pdf 34

Listening to Spanish podcasts should be in tandem with speaking and writing. If you only learn about a subject by listening, you wont be able to speak much about it. Sure, youll memorize a bit of vocabulary, but youre not going to have much conversation or a complete understanding of the subject.

In this episode Mara and Andrew talk about what does it mean for someone to be el religioso o una persona religiosa and other questions relating to Catholicism. To find this transcript you can click the link to the file: Episodes 1-22

In lesson 21 of Coffee Break Spanish we continue with the birthers issue, in this episode we talk about the Declaration of Independence. You will learn about the Articles of Confederation, the usage of amend and vacate and why sometimes the president must be re-inaugurated. So far the transcript is downloadable here

Today, Mara and Andrew discuss lemmas. The lemmas are sub-categorizations that make grammatical structures more specific. Mara explains how the imperfect infinitive is different from the imperfect indicative. This lesson is followed by a quiz with 4 sections, each with about a dozen questions. Its meant to show you how fast you can answer questions. You can find the transcript, and answer explanations, here .

This is a difficult lesson for every students in Duolingo because it requires as much listening as writing. Although most students understand the concept of using notes to communicate through writing, they usually do not understand the essential importance of taking notes.

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