Nt072 Panasonic Europe V10 Map 18

Nt072 Panasonic Europe V10 Map 18


Nt072 Panasonic Europe V10 Map 18

Panasonic has been changing to address customers future needs. This long-term branding is a clear commitment to serve you and grow our businesses as the fastest growing automakers in the world. The new messaging sends a strong signal that Panasonic will meet future customer needs by balancing our global brand with the local needs of the markets where we do business. The new positioning as Enabler extends beyond competition or against competitors, which is a key differentiator and a mindset of a global business. It also means to deliver targeted insights and innovation solutions to our customers. We will be launching additional information and messages to our customers and market later this year. We will also announce more details on new concepts and strategies in the coming months, as well as specific product developments.

Panasonic has been focusing on service excellence for the past 20 years. We have developed a series of quality assurance systems and have invested in programs to ensure that our products meet the expectations of our customers. Regardless of where it is produced, Panasonic is committed to supplying quality products and services that meet the needs of our customers wherever they are in the world. Our expanded programs help identify quality issues before they are even reported, and we remedy all reported issues quickly and efficiently.

The Panasonic brand is also important to Panasonic Group, a company in which the individual business and the business to business side are separate. The company has a unique and strong service brand with a clear image of trust. I have developed a clear vision of Panasonic as a company of people and our values are reflected in everything we do. The brand purpose and values in both the service company and in the group are aligned.

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