Roja Hindi Movie In Hindi REPACK

Roja Hindi Movie In Hindi REPACK

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Roja Hindi Movie In Hindi

i was nine years old when i heard about the film. it was just that season when we were moving from lucknow to delhi, when a lot of hindi films were coming out, this was one of them. my mother’s colleague was in the industry, and she had attended the screening. i think it was when we were studying in kg-iii and i was in the class of my siblings, but it was hard because there were two other kids there as well. my mom had made me buy a book of tamil lyrics and she read all the lyrics and explained them to me. i remember she was the one who told me, ‘remember this’ and then showed me the lyrics and songs. when i watched it in the theatre, i could not believe it, such a beautiful girl looking so miserable. she looked like she was lonely, depressed. she even looked like a victim. her hair was messed up. in the song kudichadavaanal, she sings like she is ready to give up on life. when i heard the song, i was completely shocked. this is the kind of sad songs we sing in the light hearted movies of today, not the kind of songs we sing in a typical bollywood movie.

i watched aashiqui and loved it. the song chhota si aasha from that film was different. it’s a sound that is full of life. in bollywood music of that time, this was something different. i learnt it then, and i learnt it from the film. i have been singing it ever since. when i am looking for new songs to experiment with, this is the song i reach for most of the time.

lemmings is a story about hope, betrayal and redemption. it was tragic,and somehowi think i was more affected by the music than the story line. i remember when the song for the first time hit me so hard that i couldn’t control my tears. it was a song called ‘dum maaro’ and it was a duet sung by suresh wadkar and asha bhosle. the lyrics of the song were extraordinary, starting with the line ‘dum maaro, tum har gazab ki dosti’. you just couldn’t not shed a tear at that line. it was a moment i will never forget. the music was fantastic and so was the character of suresh wadkar. but the song was special because of the way it was executed. the harmony and tempo of the song felt right, it almost gave me a glimpse of how music is a language and not just a tool. i liked the way asha bhosle’s voice felt in the song. it seemed to ring so many emotions, making her the perfect match for suresh wadkar.



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