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CHAPTER 16: From a Vitalistic Philosophy to a Non-Dualistic Philosophy of Mind by Alva Noë . 17 as the end product of a stream of causal/causal interactions among independently free-floating, autonomous elements. In this section, Noë sketches out a rather different account of how the mind works, one that is, if not untenable, then certainly questionable. It is important to note that while Noë is not alone in this account, perhaps he is the most ingenious and detailed because he focuses on the philosophical implications of this view of the mind.. In other words, the material world is constituted by the world of percepts, affections, and intentional relations, not properties. The interaction of these interacting elements is not the interaction of properties.. If there are material objects, then they cannot be spatiotemporal, since they are constituted by motion that is not the motion of properties. The motion of material objects is rather something else: it is the motion of the cognitive activities of perceiving, imagining, and willing.. Noë is indeed explicitly committed to a “general theory” of consciousness, since he begins his discussion by distinguishing different theories. According to the traditional theory, the mind thinks: the content is the content of the thoughts: the activities are the activities of thinking. According to the “identity theory,” the mind is consciousness itself, and thought is what is identical to the activities of consciousness. According to the “mentalese theory,” the nature of the contents of thoughts are not properties of the person, but representations of states of affairs. In that case, thought is not identical to certain mental activities, but it is something else.. What distinguishes his general theory is not that it is merely a theory. The general theory, he says, “is not a theory of how any particular mind goes about thinking; it is a general theory of what thinking is all about.” (Noë 2001, p. 16) The general theory is “a new way of thinking about consciousness as thinking.” (Noë 2001, p. 17) What is this new way of thinking? What is this new way of thinking about consciousness as thinking? Noë has been describing this theory in terms of the “direct” or “embodied” approach to consciousness (Noë 2001, p. 7) that is, the view that consciousness is constituted by motion and activity. As Noë puts it: “I shall thus call the traditional ‘Cartesian’ approach to consciousness the ‘

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