Shark – Il Primo Squalo Torrent

Shark – Il Primo Squalo Torrent



Shark – Il Primo Squalo Torrent

the nightshark has seven different weapons available, all of which are accurate to varying degrees. the first is the machine gun, which can be fully upgraded with three different versions, while the others are: the shotgun, which has three upgrade options; the hyper beam, which has four upgrade options; the fusion cannon, which has two upgrade options; the rocket launcher, which has three upgrade options; and the grenade launcher, which has two upgrade options.

the nightshark is able to easily get through barricades and fences by either smashing through them or by driving through gaps in the barrier, but it also has a tendency to overturn when driving through them, usually landing on its roof, however this can be avoided by slowing down for some time before driving through the barricade. its tires are also vulnerable to being blown up by mines and the underside of the car can be damaged by the thumper and spike mines.

the nightshark can use both the homing missiles and land mines to destroy both vehicles and other objects. the homing missile has a detection radius of about 4 km, while the land mine has a detection radius of about 10 m. the land mine can also be used to blow open doors and hatchbacks.

the nightshark can either drive through or over a stationary object that is not able to move, it will go through the object, while staying completely on the road, if an object that moves is over the road, it will drive over it. the nightshark can climb over hills and cannot go through a hill. the nightshark has the lowest rate of accuracy of all vehicles.

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