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Smart Extranet is going to facilitate your life! It allows you to share documents with your stakeholders, in a secure extranet work zone, 24/7, all over the world. All types of files, and sizes are accepted. You will be able to customize each workzone according to the users. It facilitates team work, as you can work from everywhere in the world, with all the important documents in hand by simply having your computer with you. It is ideal for a project management ongoing, for architects, designers, communication agencies, lawyers, consultants, accountants, all small and medium company in general! Note: With this version you can create only one workzone and add up to 5 users. You can buy other versions from here.


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– Download Now – Choose from 32, 64, 128 GB and also 256 Gb Android phones – You can create up to 5 workzones per license  – Smart Extranet allows you to do anything on your PC and keep a copy of it in your computer without installing any applications. You just need to connect your smartphone to a PC which has Extranet installed. Your smartphone is then usable as a flash drive. – Once you connect your smartphone to the PC using Smart Extranet you can choose any file from your phone and sync it with the PC, and if you want you can also easily backup your files using your phone – It allows you to cut, copy, paste, edit, send, view, delete and even manage permissions on your files, folders and folders on your computer – Smart Extranet also allows you to manage all your notes and documents, and view them using your phone just like you do on a flash drive. – Smart Extranet has a built in pager, allowing you to receive calls, and SMS on your PC. This way you can always receive messages and communicate with your stakeholders. DVCONLive! DV CAM DVCONLive! DV CAM DVCONLive! DV CAM DVCONLive! DV CAM DVCONLive! DV CAM DVCONLive! DV CAM DVCONLive! DV CAM DVCONLive! DV CAM DVCONLive! DV CAM DVCONLive! DV CAM DVCONLive! DV CAM DVCONLive! DV CAM DVCONLive! DV CAM DVCONLive! DV CAM DVCONLive! DV CAM DVCONLive! DV CAM DVCONLive! DV CAM DVCONLive! DV CAM DVCONLive! DV CAM DVCONLive! DV CAM DVCONLive! DV CAM DVCONLive! DV CAM DVCONLive! DV CAM DVCONLive! DV CAM DVCONLive! DV CAM DVCONLive! DV CAM DVCONLive! DV CAM DVCONLive! DV CAM DVCONLive! DV CAM DV

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• Multi-user • Document management • Document versioning • Roles and permissions • Account settings • Corporate policy • Features • E-mail support Key features: • Support file size up to 5MB • Support versioning, including changes made to documents • Support folder hierarchy • Support google Drive • Support Sharepoint • Support team boards • Support calendar • Support multiple editors • Support project management • Support file locking • Support changes in file permissions • Support file sharing • Support advanced searching • Support file upload from desktop • Support file download from desktop • Support bulk upload • Support file deletion • Support office 365 • Support OneDrive Additional features: • Works with Microsoft Teams • Works with Google Docs • Works with Google Drive • Works with Sharepoint • Works with OneDrive • Works with Sharepoint online • Works with Microsoft Teams online • Works with Microsoft Teams on-premise Requirements: • Windows Client • Windows Server Installation: • Download the files from • Open the files • Execute the file “setup.bat” • You can see the program in the desktop. Main interface: • File manager • Folder manager • Add users • Settings Manager • Security manager • Add documents • Add notes • Set up file permissions • Set up offices • Set up users • Set up folders • Set up folders and sub folders • Set up document versions • Set up calendar • Set up accounts • Set up policies • Set up invitations • Set up meetings • Set up board • Set up tasks • Set up attachments • Set up mailbox • Set up e-mail notifications • Set up board • Set up events • Set up links • Set up conference calls • Set up community • Set up folders • Set up projects • Set up calendars • Set up members • Set up board member • Set up users • Set up folders • Set up groups • Set up sub folders • Set up board sub folders • Set up members sub folders • Set up projects sub folders • Set up sites • Set up departments • Set up permissions • Set up board permissions • Set up groups 91bb86ccfa

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Smart Extranet features: – No DRM(digital rights management) – No login-password, you can set up a “smart” one to enter or not – Upload/download and send documents from/to employees – Work from anywhere with access to the extranet – Set up a work zone with filters to manage different folders and work from this zone – You can customise all the work zone to your needs – Edit and add new accounts – Switch between two or more accounts and start to work – Close/open work zones at will – Access to the work zones of other users – All the documents are encrypted – You can give access to people to read your documents – You can create and manage new work zones – You can publish new documents – You can protect your work zones – See document in last version: Key features: – Customise as many extranet workzones as you wish! – Set up your own login/password – You can work with the extranet workzones from anywhere in the world! – Give access to people – Restrict access to users with a category (for example, a project manager can access to only some documents) – Restrict access to documents by authors (f.i., only accessible to project managers) – Add new accounts – Switch between different accounts – Switch from one document to another – Set up a document folder (f.i., Documents by a specific category) – Set up folders (f.i., Documents by a specific author) – Open a document – Delete a document – Send document to specific addresses (email or files) – Limit the uploads of documents at the same time – New information in the documents – Settings management – Save files (everything!) – Transfers documents from workzones to other workzones – Import documents from other workzones – Encrypt the documents – Add comments on the documents – Edit document name and publication – Do an export of a document – Do a backup – Add attachments – Remove attachments – Deactivate/Activate permissions (like making read or edit accessible to a user) – Set a timestamp on your files

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Smart Extranet means always in the hand, as you are working on your design or development project. You have all the documents right where they need to be, all you have to do is click on a workzone and the documents will be attached. Smart Extranet makes it possible to have the right files right where you need them to be, every day! It creates a web view of your work environment, and allows you to share any size documents, from any size of computer. You can always access your documents right where you are working, and even remotely! An Overview of What Smart Extranet Does: Smart Extranet is a quick, easy, and secure method for you to share any size of document with any size of computer, from anywhere in the world. This is an ideal way to collaborate on a design or development project with your clients, team members, coworkers, or colleagues from all over the world. You will be able to use Smart Extranet to document everything from simple projects to the most complicated projects in all areas of your life. You can use the file attachments, collaborate, and share information with clients, team members, and coworkers from any computer around the world. Everything you need to know about the features and functionality of Smart Extranet: 1. Documents upload and download 2. Documents authorization 3. Multiple workzones 4. Interact with user 5. Change passwords 6. 4 views: Details, Big pic, File size, File type 7. Email and Sms notifications 8. Email log on 9. It’s free! 100% Secured It’s fast It’s a web application, not a desktop application Easy to use No need for server software 100% free No monthly fees It allows you to share any size of file with any size of computer You can always access your documents right where you are No extra software needed Saves on your time and expenses Works from anywhere in the world You don’t need any downloads It’s packed with features for you to secure and share any size documents with any size computer in the world! You’re able to work from the entire Web, and even on your mobile devices. It offers a seamless, centralized method to secure, share, and collaborate with the entire business Multiple views for documents, data, and user records You are able to grant access for just a single user, to multiple users

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP Processor: Pentium IV 1.5 GHz Memory: 512 MB RAM Storage: 100 MB available space Graphics: Radeon HD 2000 DirectX: 9.0 Network: Broadband internet connection Additional Notes: Story: The missions of the NCR’s Shadow Base – to protect the sensitive Pinnacle City from the wilds of the Mojave Desert, to guarantee the safety of the people under the direction of the Governor, and to hold the line


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