Soil Mechanics Lambe And Whitman Pdf 455 ~REPACK~

Soil Mechanics Lambe And Whitman Pdf 455 ~REPACK~


Soil Mechanics Lambe And Whitman Pdf 455

This is a wonderful book on soil mechanics, a topic that is not discussed enough, especially inundergraduate programs. I appreciate the authors’ focus on the engineering component of the subjectmatter, that it is necessary to understand what soils are, how they behave, and how under differentconditions they can load and fail. Using a simple scale model and analogies, the concepts presentedcould be easily grasped and worked out.

Lambe’s original publication, Soil Mechanics, was the first book of its kind. Written by an expert in the field, this best-selling textbook is an essential reference for every soil engineer. The new edition has been completely revised and expanded to provide today’s knowledge in the field, with coverage of geotechnical design of tunneling, soil mechanics in buildings and bridges, physics of soil and rock, earthquake response, and new examples from new drilling technology and its impact on engineering design. This unique book examines the principles, theory, design, and geotechnical problems of soil and rock mechanics using examples from engineering and applied science.

Examines Soil Mechanics text and new material that emphasizes the importance of geotechnical engineering.

Professors Don Wood Taylor, Hall, and Wanner are interviewed to discuss the major concepts in the book.

Professors Lambe and Whitman, editors of the textbook are interviewed to discuss their contributions to the current text and their careers in geotechnical engineering.

Applying concepts and techniques of soil mechanics to enhance design and safety of buildings and bridges

New examples of the behavior of soil and rock under different conditions

New chapters on engineering applications of in situ geotechnical testing and earthquake assessment

Proven methods for communicating design concepts

New chapter on in situ testing

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