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let’s start with the basics: first of all, you need to calibrate your monitor with datacolor spyder. the precise procedure is to measure the luminance in the white point of the display at a low level in order to take a reading. you need to do this in this order:

– press the power button of the spyder elite to start spyder 4 elite and connect the monitor. in the screen, click on the button “properties” in the middle of the monitor.
– from the selection, you will notice the option “automatic calibration”. press the button and select your desired option and click on “start”. you will be able to see the luminance level in real time.

to calibrate with the spyder elite, you need to press “ok” on the screen. once the process is complete, you will be able to exit spyder 4 elite, press the “power” button of the elite to exit the black menu, and then connect the monitor. press “ok” to begin the calibration process.

when you click on the advanced mode setting screen, you are presented with a new page that allows you to change the rgb values. this is where you will do most of the monitor calibration if you have a datacolor spyder elite. if you dont, you would use the rgb sliders in the normal screen mode.

to calibrate a monitor, you will need to download the spyder elite calibration software from datacolors website. after downloading the software, open it and import the calibration data file you created previously using the x-rite i1display pro. it is a simple import. after importing the calibration data file, run the software, and follow the instructions.

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