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in response to the peak in the numbers of covid-19 cases in new zealand and aotearoa new zealand between march 26 to march 28, government released further orders and directives. the peak of numbers is over; however, the hysteria of panic is not. government asserted that schools would reopen on april 20, and there was consultation with universities and tertiary education colleges about the associated safety measures. if private and public sector organisations do not adjust to the new environment, then disruptions to the economy (that the government is in control of) will affect people’s ability to earn and pay their bills. people may be vulnerable to depression as well as anxiety if they are not able to work. most economists agree this is the worst economic crisis since the great depression of the 1930s.

the more relaxed attitude to covid-19 in aotearoa new zealand is not without its challenges as students return to classes. for many, re-establishing normalcy means delaying graduation. however, there are various other reasons why graduation has been deferred for many. we have returned to working conditions at the same time as we are still under lockdown conditions. the decision to go back to classes was made by students, parents and teachers under the supervision of professional educators. it also meant that students lost time and face-to-face contact with their teachers. if the teachers were to be tested, they may not be able to return to work until the results showed that they were negative. in australia, zero hour time in the classroom, which means each student has one hour of lectures and no more than 2 hours of work, will be introduced in our government schools. although our principal is a free-thinking educator, she supports the policy of giving students the best of both worlds. she supports my suggestion that we offer two options at the beginning of semester (a) exam on a weekly basis (one day per week, mondays) and (b) exam on a monthly basis (every 4 weeks, one day a month).



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