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Tdu 2 Exploration Pack Download Pc

the icons that comprise a sticker pack application can be any type of file. in this template, the icons are created using files called stickerpackapplicationicon.appiconset. app iconsets are generated by an ios app icon asset catalog, so you can easily create one and place it in your project with the same drag and drop ease that you used to drag the sticker pack icons into the assets folder. once you’ve done that, you can start building the application in xcode. you can read more about it in this helpful guide from apple.

open up the msmessagesappviewcontroller template in xcode and start the application. by default, the template comes with a simple chat application, which provides the user with a way to send and receive stickers. but you can also use this template to build an application that sends and receives stickers, so long as you add your stickers into the sticker pack assets folder.

before you go building an application that sends and receives stickers, you need to take a second to verify that the msmessagesappviewcontroller template supports the use of sticker packs. add the msmessagesappstickerpacks category to your application’s info.plist file, as shown below.

the next step is to add the sticker pack icons to your sticker pack application. in the starter project template, the sticker pack assets folder contains the stickerpackapplicationicon.appiconset files that xcode uses to generate the pack’s icon. these files are named according to the sticker pack’s icon names, so to build your application you need to name them by the same names.



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