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The Orchard Of Stray Sheep Features Key:

  • A warm and fun world
  • Realistic click mechanics
  • Spring, raining, or hidden in the clouds – the weather changes every day!
  • The most realistic weather system in RPG Clicker!
  • Two separate mods – from Moscow: Rejnek and Migismauro
  • Over 80 unique items for you to harvest, sell, or craft from various processes
  • No forced work – over 50 different uses for all of your gathered wares


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What’s new in The Orchard Of Stray Sheep:

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    How To Crack The Orchard Of Stray Sheep:

  • Download latest version of The Orchard of Stray Sheep from 2shared
  • Move all of downloaded content and files to root folder of your SD card
  • Unzip game content to your SD card root folder
  • Open SD card root folder and double-click on The Orchard of Stray Sheep installation file
  • Install game and enjoy the game

How to update game to latest version?

  • Click on My Games app tab on launcher
  • Select game and then click on Update button to update to the latest version


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System Requirements:

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