The Take (2009) 720p MKV X264 AAC BRrip [Pioneer] [BEST]

The Take (2009) 720p MKV X264 AAC BRrip [Pioneer] [BEST]


The Take (2009) 720p MKV X264 AAC BRrip [Pioneer]

I speak to you today as a Minister of the Word. This is a time to start getting things in our lives together. Time is winding down. The clock is ticking. Its good to be making money in the world but are you really happy. I’ll put it in this term. If God our Father is not happy by us not doing what He asked us to do for Him, then you won’ t be happy by God not giving you what you desire Him to bless you with. Then you get mad at God because now you have to try to get things using your own efforts and are by no means satisfied. Some will end up dead, not accomplishing what they desired. But here’s the kicker. When you die, where will you end up Can’t take all that money you made with you. And what’souls’ can you say you told about Jesus and they came to Him and got saved. If your name is not found in the Lamb’ s Book of Life, you will not be in Heaven yourself. We also have to keep in mind that even though God made all of us to be His children, most are NOT. They have decided to stay under Satan’ s authority, and that we were all born in sin so now we have a ‘choice’ as to who will be our ‘Eternal’ Father. Please don’ t remain foolish, having a zeal for God but not according go knowledge- meaning, don’ t keep saying you love God and know Jesus and are not willing to turn from your wicked ways and start doing what He commanded His children to go and do. Amen.

Bunnies take residence in The Smurfs, a DVD isn’t nearly as important to my work as a digital camera or scanner is. I try to save everything to my hard drives, using DVD-Video solely as a backup system. With The Smurfs on DVD, I can enjoy the film, transcribe the closed captioning for the visually impaired, or copy it to my iPod, or burn it onto a blank DVD-Video to give to a friend to enjoy. If you still have a DVD-Video you would rather not spare, you can do these things with any of the DVD rippers listed in this tutorial. One of my all-time favorite movies is 2001: A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubric. I also recommend going to a pet store to get a DVD burner for your home computer.



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