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the body’s mechanism for producing alcohol is a result of the action of the enzyme, alcohol dehydrogenase. this enzyme, which lies in the bloodstream, is found in virtually all parts of the body.
alcohol dehydrogenase is the only enzyme which converts alcohol into acetic acid, a gas that is exhaled normally in a process called respiratory carbonic acid production. this gas is only exhaled after the chemical process of alcohol oxidation has already taken place in the body. only the alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme can perform this reaction.
alcohol dehydrogenase catalyzes the conversion of alcohol to acetaldehyde and then to acetate, a molecule that is eventually converted to carbon dioxide. note that the first two steps are reversible and hence these steps are also called oxidation and reduction. acetaldehyde dehydrogenase is another enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of acetaldehyde to acetate. some acetaldehyde dehydrogenase (adh) enzymes are used by the human body and alcohol dehydrogenase is not the same adh as found in the yeast cells in which alcohol is oxidized.
adh increases blood levels of ethanol. since ethanol concentrations in the blood depend on how much alcohol is metabolized, the amount of adh activity will also affect blood ethanol levels. with each cycle of alcohol metabolism the action of adh produces more ethanol.
alcohol dehydrogenase is a key enzyme in red blood cell formation, respiration, and some other metabolic processes.
alcohol dehydrogenase activity is regulated by cell growth factors.
alcohol dehydrogenase activity can be inhibited by a number of substances. for example, it can be inhibited by pyrazole.
alcohol dehydrogenase in red cells reduces the oxidation of alcohol to acetaldehyde.
alcohol dehydrogenase is often the first enzyme to be partially inhibited by a series of factors which include toxins and foreign chemicals and substances.
alcohol dehydrogenase activity in the liver is inhibited by androgens and estrogens.
the first enzyme identified as inhibited by alcohol was alcohol dehydrogenase. other enzymes involved in oxidation reactions, that convert alcohol to acetaldehyde, are also inhibited.
the presence of excess acetaldehyde is responsible for many of the symptoms of drunkenness.
acetaldehyde is a well-known cause of tumors and cancers (cancer) and is also suspected of being a potential cause of leukemia.
alcohol dehydrogenase exists in many of the organs and tissues of the body and can change the effects of other compounds (e.g., drugs).
alcohol dehydrogenase is involved in the degradation of many drugs.
alcohol dehydrogenase can perform the reverse of the oxidation and reduction steps, but this function is performed by different enzymes in different kinds of cells.
in addition to its role in the body, alcohol dehydrogenase is used by yeast to convert alcohol to acetaldehyde (the first step in alcohol metabolism).
alcohol dehydrogenase is inhibited by alchohol
alcohol dehydrogenase is inhibited by:

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