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прав: корневая система вашей версии продукта (иначе говорим – исходной системой) равна flv video output, который уже у вас есть в программе.

текст: все настройки файла основаны на flac , что может понять о поведении и безопасности.

like you, i love how tri-x and neopan produce such vibrant, beautiful prints. this was especially true with the black and white printing you did on this film. i really like how you brought the highlights down in the highlights/shadows panel (this is something i’m working on at the moment). it really helped the film’s grain and make it look more like a black and white print.

i’m glad you really like the tri-x pre-sets i created. i created these because i wanted a film that could produce beautiful color but have real, raw images. so if you look at these pre-sets, you will see a lot of the layers have been turned down, and the highlights and shadows have been brought down. the result is that it’s a little more grainy, but i really like it.

that’s great! i actually liked the look of tri-x in the + and – panel, so i decided to do a tri-x version of my own b/w preset, which gave me some ideas on the contrast. i think the contrast is a little higher than you might prefer, but i’m sure you’ll get plenty of people who will love it anyway.

it looks like black star and tri-x will most likely be included in the next round of vsco film 03 releases. i didnt include anything else in vsco film 03 because i didnt think they were as important as the other film varieties, but i do plan to work on doing their + and – versions!



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