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he also met up with jack. initially, raiden was reluctant to trust him, but jack convinced him to follow him due to his organization’s ultimate goal, which was to create an elite team of soldiers and ensure that no one is left on the wrong side of the conflict. despite the chaos that had reigned during the course of the civil war, jack still had faith that the country would be able to overcome it. on the day of the attack, raiden had been prepared to fight a full battle and give his life for the country. he was taken aback at the fact that jack’s “elite” group of chosen few were actually nothing more than street thugs and criminals.

after recovering from the wounds inflicted by sam, raiden left africa for the us where he met up with jack. he was then a member of maverick’s “team”, and would also battle with blackblood and other maverick operatives as well as the various monsters they had encountered throughout the journey.

having witnessed sam repeatedly deny his own existence by refusing to acknowledge his own eyes, raiden finally decided that it was time to track him down. he headed to colorado and finally caught up with sam at the local library. raiden then decided to confront sam and have him acknowledge his eyes, but was instead confronted by a deranged and not-so-pleased-to-see-him-again sam. to sam’s dismay, raiden, instead of attacking him, merely simply asked him to tell him about his eyes and his eyes’ purpose. upon learning sam’s eyes’ true function, raiden decided to join sam’s team, and was indeed welcomed. although he viewed sam as a demon, he nonetheless tried his best to be a helpmate to him.

as a matter of fact, he was what in the military would be called a’mauler’. raiden has no special training in gymnastics, dancing or even the fine arts and he is a very straight-up guy. he is very cynical, in the sense that he doesn’t trust anyone, including the marines, solidus and the marines, his fellow pmc raiden, and even some of his and his friends pmcs that he’s worked with for a long time. in his case though, it is different. he doesn’t trust ‘the world’ because he has seen things which prove that there are even higher than the government level of the whole world were mistaken, something that even made him feel sorry for the solidus, who had been living in that environment with naiveté for so long. he doesn’t trust his friends either. he believes that friendship and association are different, almost that you can’t join anyone unless you want to get back at them for something. however, his crusade against the marines and solidus proves that not all his friends are plotting against him. thus, it is within his self esteem that he wants to correct the world and making the world see that everyone can trust one another again. in contrast to alpha (raiden’s dark and twisted twin brother who he cares for deeply) and shadow (his childhood pal who betrayed him and also loves him and cares about him), this raiden is a very philosophical and philosophical person, and uses words to express his emotions and thoughts. more often than not, he will keep his emotions under control, only breaking from that when he is provoked or otherwise upset. if he dislikes someone, he will try his best to keep his temper at bay, so that he does not accidentally blow up at that person. nevertheless, he will be visibly nervous and use words to contain his anger. despite the strength raiden showed against the world r:2, he was easily controlled by alpha, by solidus, and had nearly been outmatched by a control program in the first place. however, he was able to draw on his training with solidus to gain the upper hand and overpower his opponent. 5ec8ef588b


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