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Typoman is a game about time travelling, choosing your life and saving the world! If you’re lucky, the world will listen to you and your words will have the power to change history… if you’re careful! In Typoman, your words can change the past, present and future of everyone around you. The past There’s a fork in the road. One will take you to your fate: your life. The other, to your enemy’s convenience: death. Make the right decision and save the world! The future Who said the past must stay in the past? Your words can make it real and change the future! The fate you choose will be forever etched in time… but can you be sure that your words will work? The deepest, darkest secrets of the universe await you – inside the machine, and outside of it. Will you choose to be destroyed, or to save the world? Features: – Multiple endings (Saving different futures) – Challenging puzzles – Annoying monsters that get you addicted to destroying them – Beautiful, stylish world – 60+ different endings – Endless sci-fi style exploration – Breathtaking music – Adaptive music – Improved gameplay – 2x more gameplay experience – Physical editions of Typoman are available at selected independent retailers. What we give you: – Typoman is free to play, with optional in-app purchases – Free updates are available every month for Typoman – The English version of the Typoman soundtrack is also available for free You can find Typoman in the Indie section of the Play Store. Facebook: IndieDB: Tell a friend about this game! Look at our BANNER for Typoman 4! BUY Typoman HERE: TYPOMAN is a 2D Sci-fi game about time travel! Your words have the power to change the past, present and future of everyone around you. Make the right decision and save the world! If you’re lucky, the world will listen to you and your words will have the power to change history… if you’re careful! In TYPOMAN, your words can change the past, present and future of


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  • 1920×1080 IPS screen display
  • Amazing physics content
  • Surprising weapons: shurikens, pistols and grenades
  • Simple and addictive
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    These are tracks from my first Typoman release. Based on the game, created by The Ascension. The story takes place in the city, where everything is described as follows: In the city there is sky, road, water, “air” and so on. Inside this landscape, there is also man. Typoman – the game is his journey in this city, a journey into a person that lives inside the city, but is also a part of it. In this game, the player is thrown into the story by a mysterious and superior entity. Typoman will guide you through this evil and sublime world. On the way, you will meet very dark things, you will learn and conquer yourself. By exploring and finding out what’s really going on in this world, you will gradually learn more about your own memories and your history. These are tracks that I hoped could depict the feeling of being lost or trying to find oneself in a world that seems to have taken over. I made sure, the music has a dark and atmospheric feeling to it. Especially the last track, contains strong chords which at the end just gives you a chill down your spine. This soundtrack contains 15 tracks. All music made by me with the help of very talented people. Thank you to my contributors. You can download the mp3 and AAC version at the album page as well as other music I’ve done, but only if you help support the album: or buying the album: (buy as of January 2017) Take care and may the dark path lead you to your own light and to your truth Stefan Leertouwer, Wouter Messelink, Tom de Smit and Yorick Goldewijk SonicPicnic Subscribe: Twitter: In Typoman your job is to define your name. And to do that you need to survive. In this environment you’ll play the game alone to preserve your anonymity. The man who will steal your identity will have to use a old and trusted set of rules. Together with his final weapon they will carry out their deadly mission. This game will test not only your ability to solve a puzzle, but also your ability to use your mind and be responsible. d41b202975


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    The music you hear in Typoman is the soundtrack of a computer game by the same name, composed by SonicPicnic. It is a sci-fi adventure game, with an emphasis on abstract, atmospheric music. The story takes place in the year 2081, where the mysterious entity “Typoman” has started hunting and killing computer users. The game was built and programmed in-house, using Ruby on Rails and the Game Maker 8 SDK. This means the game is easy to program for musicians and game enthusiasts, and provides powerful scoring capabilities. What can you expect to hear in Typoman Soundtrack? Typoman is a game about exploration and pure abstract music, played in a headbanging style. However, when listening to the game’s soundtrack you will not hear tunes as you would from a typical 80’s computer game; instead, you will be surrounded by abstract pieces, which may draw you into a space with a strong sense of mystery. Why pay for Typoman Soundtrack? Typoman is a game composed for independent game developers and creators. That’s why we are releasing the soundtrack for free. We want to help out developers who might have trouble with Game Maker 8, or just want to have access to more creative music for their creations. Credits: Sound designer: Yorick Goldewijk Sound editor: Tuur Hendrikx Sound director: Stefan Leertouwer Mixing: Wouter Messelink Music composer: Tom de Smit Programming and game design: Paul van Merwijk, Lucas van Muren, Sven Noort, Tom de Smit Typoman Soundtrack by SonicPicnic on Bandcamp – GEEK CULTURE Facebook: Patreon: Twitter: You can also find us on these social platforms: Website: Bandcamp: Facebook: Patreon: Intro track courtesy of Zalman Khan:


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