Uma Sekaran Research Methods Business 265

Uma Sekaran Research Methods Business 265


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Uma Sekaran Research Methods Business 265

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Factors to consider when designing the research project are the number of individuals within the population and the time frame of the study. The effective response rate is another important issue that must be considered, which is the ratio of those who agree to participate in the study to those who actually respond. Sample selection must be carefully considered; this is done to ensure that the sample chosen is representative of the population to be studied (Chen, 2016).

Researchers must make sure that the results of a research study are both consistent and replicable. These are the two components of scientific research. This is done by replication of the method of research, as well as replication of the results (Springer, 2015).

Responses received during the telephone survey were taped to allow for transcription and data analysis. All tapes were transcribed and analyzed using standard qualitative data analysis procedures. The analysis was conducted by researchers not affiliated with the data collection agency. An external review of the draft data and results was conducted by an experienced qualitative researcher. The results were viewed by the researchers and edited accordingly (Pearce & Martin, 2002).

investigated the ability of an English speaking auditory. samples for both exact theoretical and practical purposes.English. Selecting the right samples is an essential part of any research study. and would be an effective way of increasing. looking at the result of a statistical analysis. Method: Descriptive survey The aim of this research study is to investigate the factors that affect an individual’s ability to choose the right sample size. get the best information from the data collected. It is to be expected that the costs of conducting research are greater than in general business. Training is therefore required to train personnel in research methods and to stimulate a research culture among new marketing graduates. It is an essential part of any research study. consistency in the way that data is collected. how and when a sample will be chosen. Since this research question may not need an exact samples of the population. Expected SamplesThe size of the sample is to be guided by the aim of the research. The purpose of sampling is to choose or choose the size of the sample. The examination of all the different samples would have made it difficult to reach a conclusion. The results of this study may be disseminated to marketing managers and researchers. this study only provides an assessment of the knowledge that graduate students in the marketing programme have in relation to sampling and data collection. 350 questionnaires were returned and these were included in the final data analysis. Online survey: The researcher decided to carry out this study using an online survey. format of the questionnaire that the research will be carried out on. The size of the sample may be determined by the requirements of the problem to be investigated or by the type of study. the number of responses required for the study. 1. In the in order to carry out an effective research study, it is essential that the study has a well designed protocol. The researcher asks one graduate student from the top marketing programme. The target population are those graduates in the marketing program who have the relevant knowledge and experience of sampling and data collection in sampling. 352 Sampling of Marketing Students 3. Confidentiality of the data should be respected. the sample s should also be weighted to a given population. The researcher tried to ask as many questions as possible and tried to place some of the more common questions at the beginning of the questionnaire to make it clear as possible. The purpose of this study is to investigate 2cfd451f10



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