URS Plug-In Bundle Complete VST RTAS V1.0 REPACK

URS Plug-In Bundle Complete VST RTAS V1.0 REPACK

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URS Plug-In Bundle Complete VST RTAS V1.0 REPACK

The URS Everything Bundle offers you everything you need to create your masterpiece!
Start with the URS Technology Suite. The URS Technology Suite contains a complete set of tools for the audio enthusiast. The set of plug-ins includes: an EQ, a compressor, a stereo reverb, three multiband compressors, a stereo limiter, three phase-aligned tape reverbs, a noise gate, a de-esser, a shelving equalizer, a multi-harmonic distortion module, a modulating sound sculpting module, a send/return processor, a stereo delay, a vocoder, a resonant filter, a utility oscillator, eight delay effects, an audio randomization machine, eight function generators, a phase shifter, a modulator, a stereo chorus, seven stereo flangers, three stereo phasers, and two subwoofers.

You’ll be ready to produce your masterpiece in no time at all. The URS Everything Bundle includes almost all the standard plug-ins you’ll need to produce your music in the highest quality possible.

Roger. Class 11 bug. Nichols.Digital.SHARPENER.VST.RTAS.v1.1-AiR.rar Roger Nichols Proprietary Mastering Tool Come into the Mix Sharpener is a stereo mastering process developed by Roger Nichols and used in countless hit records. Sharpener offers a new way of increasing the perception of ‘detail’ in the mid level of a final mix while still allowing increased loudness. The process involves a combination of three-band limiting and dynamic widening using psycho-acoustic processing. Roger Nichols has fine tuned the process to produce the most effective result with the least amount of adjustment. Three is better than one Sharpener splits the incoming signal into three frequency bands that are each processed independently. Great care has been taken to eliminate phase shifts at the crossover points, a common problem with multi band plug-ins.


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