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Crack Only Stalker Call Of Pripyat

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the pyro anomaly, also known as the burnt sphere anomaly in some translations, is a psychic anomaly field consisting of a large, football-shaped fiery furnace. probably the hottest and most challenging anomaly to explore, as the player can use a flamethrower to cut a path from top to bottom, dealing a deadly shrapnel. note that the only thing that can possibly harm the player with this anomaly is a spark from their own gun. only electrical artifacts such as antennas will spawn in the field. the anomoly has a noticeable glow to it, but from a distance, the image is distorted.

this is the anomaly field used by the gek, the scar anomaly being the one place it is used. it’s roughly spherical and is made up of sharp, volcanic peaks, with a crater in the middle. the gap is alive with mutant spiders. interestingly, it can be used to jump from ground to ground, but it’ll have to make the jump from one of these volcanoes to the next.



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