Vl Mike Place Yo Betz Rar !FREE!

Vl Mike Place Yo Betz Rar !FREE!

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Vl Mike Place Yo Betz Rar

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? -~’. 11 The Freeman, $10 a year Member, $15 a year non-member, «- Better than the Crossword Puzzle “Mike Place” is another name for Trend Following, which is the practice of investing in an industry or market with a trend in a downward direction. One of the great advantages of Markets (other than the low fees) is that they are very easy to track in real time, and you can see whether they trend down or up. “Mike Place” is sort of a side bonus. You’ll find Mike regularly posting his picks on his blog or on Twitter. If you’re not already following him, you should! Each week I’ll present a list of ~’Places” in addition to my Market Picks; these will include indexes, commodities, short-term options, and my views on why each investment would make a good “Mike Place” bet. 1. Marks The best I can do is to give you the name of the mark, and you look it up. If I can’t think of a name, I will give you what I think are the best indicators of that mark’s direction, in addition to my Market Picks. These are the candidate “Mike Places.” Monday The Aktuell, “the German Pravda” which always has a good bet in its “Aktuellsätze,” the No. 1 indicator of the direction of the German market. Tuesday Oil, which is rising so far Monday is well underweight. Oil spreads are the market’s “spread sheet of the day.” Wednesday The Wall Street Journal, which is sending a clear signal of an economic slowdown, following a week of falling stocks. The other three major U.S. markets are also moving lower Tuesday, as the German market is, suggesting a broader slowdown in the U.S. economy. Thursday Natural Gas, which is consolidating, and generally speaking, rolling up into the previous week’s high. Nasdaq is extending last week’s decline into the big U.S. exchange. The Utilities, an old favorite for being a huge target for shorting, are down at a 2-year low. And European, and other stock markets, like the Japanese index, are generally negative. Friday The FTSE 100 is consolidating, and falling back to the vicinity of the 1-year low, formed just a few days ago at 1453. It has been rising as fast as the 6d1f23a050



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