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War Platform: PLA Navy Aircraft Carrier Features Key:

  • The most real-life naval experience ever!
  • Command the most glorious aircraft carrier in the world!
  • Take on the role of the commander and fight endless waves of enemies
  • The game allows you to destroy enemy airfields, in order to stop the airstrip boats even if you are attacking their carrier.
  • The technology is highly realistic, the war game is also completely authentic.
  • Logic, wit and strategy combined in a one-of-a-kind arcade experience set in World War II.
  • True online multiplayer mode!
  • War Platform: PLA Navy Aircraft Carrier Tactical Description

    You will soon become one of the elite PLA fighter pilots!
    The Opening Ceremony has just taken place and the new War Platform: PLA Navy Aircraft Carrier project has been approved by PLAN’s Director and Commander in Chief!
    It is now up to you to become the next elite fighter pilots!
    You will be the one to prove to the enemy and the country that the PLAN really has what it takes. You are the one that must lead others in combat.
    In addition to flight time, shoot down and even engaging airfields, you have the option of choosing your flight formation. With your allies and the enemy at your side and everyone equipped with their AI compatriot so that they can best help you to come out on top and leave the enemy leader crushed on the ground.
    You will be creating your own unique history. Write your own legend and look at yourself with pride. Another great chapter has just been written in the never ending history that is the saga of the People’s Liberation Army!

    In this World War II First Person Shooter Game, your plane has been specially designed for you, the experienced fighter pilot.
    In this high-quality WWII war game, you will step into the shoes of a fighter pilot flying combat missions in the skies above the Pacific. The objects of combat are the enemy aircraft and flight formations. Now it’s your duty to try to defeat the enemies and make a legendary name for yourself!

    In this game, you must be the smartest player ever. When you choose your battle formation, you must make the


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    War Platform: PLA Navy Aircraft Carrier Free Download X64

    * Biao ship defense mission, the aircraft wing squadron perform the fight of the entire PLA Navy aircraft carrier can be use; * In the PLA Navy aircraft carrier can add new equipment, and use new equipment to achieve new strength, all the equipment can be used; * Choose the equipment use and deployment, the enemy where the enemy where the enemy began to attack back to attack the enemy, you will have to respond to the situation through the allocation of equipment; * At different levels of the aircraft carrier combat mission, in addition to the ability of battle training, the reinforcement of aircraft and new weapons, to provide aircraft carrier combat techniques, support and protection equipment to the aircraft carrier. Game Features: * Three-view cockpit, from the view of the pilot, the aircraft engineer and the other; * Team of aircraft carriers, real combat characteristics of the aircraft carrier; * Add new weapons to the aircraft carrier, or you can add new aircraft, new equipment, the air support to aircraft; * WarPlatform: PLA Navy Aircraft Carrier is the only aircraft carrier in the world that can use the PLA’s first aircraft carrier training base. The use of the aircraft carrier is in a sense the exclusive to the PLA Navy; * Because of the unique location, the aircraft carrier has the potential to use any type of aircraft attack, the game is similar to the real aircraft carrier; * The operation is based on the real aircraft carrier, including the operation of the aircraft carrier, the handling of aircraft, handling of aircraft, the conduct of weapons, ammunition, and so on; * The development of the aircraft carrier, the game environment of the aircraft carrier can be very accurate. FILED NOT FOR PUBLICATION OCT 04 2011


    What’s new:

    Group Zuozhaizhi battle Zuozhaizhi, three fire defense weapons, are the launching and training (aircraft carrier) weapons for coastal artillery in PLA Navy. Zuozhaizhi(navy aircraft carrier), headquartered in Shanghai, the Zuozhaizhi Aircraft Carrier Group with a surface force covering the East China Sea, designated the East Sea Air Defense (Airship) Force, the East Sea Air Defense Zone (Special Equipment) Force and the East Sea Air Defense Force (Patrol Only) taking care of national security in the East Sea maritime region. Zuozhaizhi, the special precious national 7,500 artillery guns among them are powerful weapons, 105 K 6.5 M 69-14, including W 300, 305, 320 series, 217 176,M, and W 401, 502 series deployed in the same area, 90 pieces of Y J301, M310, X 320 series and 317, L115, M48 installed in the East Sea Air Defense Zone. On the evening of January 28, PLA Army Aviation dispatched by a group of attack helicopters to intercept the plane of the New Year fleet of the Indonesian navy, among the planes of Xing Haiying has flown 7 An 1220 transport plane, which was nearby when the main force has carried out attack on Zuozhaizhi, Zuozhaizhi was hit by a missile. After being hit, the submarine moved quickly. At 13:34 on the night of January 28, by the emergency induction of auxiliary propellant, which recently landed in the packing, it is found that the main propulsion engine has no combustion. After the investigation, it is determined that the missile locks on target, the submarine traveling speed can be adjusted quickly, that is, the submarine can protect. At 13:41, the sub is moved to the open sea. The submarine, at 14:30 of January 29, the submarine has passed 11:00, the Submarine has a fire in the stern port. The submarine, at the time of Decoy, 19:35, has passed three sailing. Submarine Zuo 788 travels the formation area at 01:40 on January 30, the submarine area in the circle is cleared, then, the fire in the stern port were found to be extinguished, after the submarine boarded by civilian rescuers, the coastal defense forces carried out firefighting. The submarine and shipboard firefighting equipment were both recovered for repair later.


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    System Requirements For War Platform: PLA Navy Aircraft Carrier:

    1. 64-bit OS 2. DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card 3. 2GB RAM * Details of all supported cards can be found in the included configuration file. Video Card Requirements: 1. Monitor resolution: 800×600 2. Display color depth: 24-bit 3. Set vertical sync to 30-50 4. Set horizontal sync to 50-75 Drivers and Settings:


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