Waves C1 Compressor Vst.rar UPD

Waves C1 Compressor Vst.rar UPD

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Waves C1 Compressor Vst.rar

we’ve also extended our tests, and have written a couple of new tests to deal with the many new features introduced in v11. the compatibility tests of the current waves plug-ins have become some of the most extensive testing we’ve ever done, and our compatibility team has also written a compatibility report (pdf) for all our v11 plug-ins, that you’ll be able to find in your download archive. we’ve also improved our slack channel for the v11 testing, where we can now provide you with constant updates and answers to your questions.

oh, and the other great new thing about our v11 update is that we have also moved the entire code, so our plug-ins will be always be available for 3 oss and daws in all future updates and annual vx updates. you can have every version of waves vx for windows since waveman p1, and for any add-on for most daws for every version of waveman, in one package. enjoy the perfect update!

hardware and software written by the creators of the industry standard (vst) plug-in compressor, c4. free version allows you to use the plug-in in two track mode on up to 16 audio channels, or unlimited on one track at double the normal compression rate. features: peak, rms, threshold, attack, release, gate, noise gate, noise reduction. waveclustering mpe and more. decoupled dsp’s for improved stability and performance on all platforms.

compound is a high performance multi effect plug-in for hosts like reason, protools, cubase, nuendo, digital performer, sonic studio and many others. compound lets you get the best possible results from your samples. compound consists of three main effects, these are: reverb, eq and compressor. on each one of these three effects, there are 10 separate filters available in the basic version, and 12 in the expanded version. in addition to the filters there are many of the usual features such as balance, compression, reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, digilogic, spring reverb, eq and more. the waves compound plugin is a powerful effect rack with a very versatile design that makes it easy to create a sound. but, waves compound doesn’t stop there, the developers have also included two standalone mpe presets allowing you to use compound in full mpe mode. extended settings such as matching range, ‘peak’, ‘center frequency’ and ‘bandwidth’ are used to fine tune the various components of the effect.

waves c1 compressor lets you add the vocal compressor effect seamlessly to your mix and workstation. it’s perfect for vocalists that want to tighten and cut their vocals at the same time but without losing any dynamics. besides vocal processing, the plugin also delivers de-essers, equalizers, comping effects, and more. requires bass channel. the c1 is a sound shaping plugin, offering 2 forms of compression : fast compression with recovery (acting a an ordinary gate and compressor) and slow compression with _no_ recovery (acts like a shelving compressor). controls include attack, release, ratio, threshold, slope, ratio on threshold, ratio on release, and ratio on attack. the release compression can be configured to respond to only the positive or negative parts of the wave. peak reductions of up to 75% can be achieved. (retail $85) reviews : nice fast-acting compressor with lots of cool options. despite the name, the plug-in has a bit of a warm flavor to it. it’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it does take a bit to get used to. overall i like the sound of this plugin. the controls for warm-tinting are really nice, and it has a very organic sound. impressive performance for a slow compressor. (followed by opcode filter) the c1 gate is a 1st order lowpass sound shaping plugin. the gate offers a pretty long attack time for such a simple effect, a gentle release, variable precision, and nice low latency. it can easily shape sine and square waves to attenuate or boost their high frequencies. also offers a chorus effect with limiters on the high and low frequencies. (retail $85) reviews : nice sound, simple controls. (followed by opcode filter) 5ec8ef588b



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