White Nights Night 3 Cp Company [VERIFIED]

White Nights Night 3 Cp Company [VERIFIED]

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White Nights Night 3 Cp Company

but right now, let’s concentrate on the world cup. russia, northern ireland and mexico have qualified to the round of 16, which is already a great achievement for the russian national team. germany has become the champion of the world and has already booked its place in the last 16. the tournament is not over yet. who will come next?

st petersburg has provided the hosts of the 2006 and 2010 world junior ice hockey championships. the ice surface at the ice palace (yubileynaya ice palace) was reinstalled in 2008 after a two-year break. on wednesday, the city began releasing images of the new rink (pictured above) from its construction site.

the about-to-open yubileynaya ice palace, located on st petersburg’s embankment at the city’s waterfront, will seat 2,800 spectators and will include a striking figure-eight-shaped skating rink, a luxurious underground restaurant, a café for 2,200 guests, changing rooms and a practice rink. the new-look facility was originally designed to host the ice show “grand ballet.”

as a temporary measure, a total of 900 tonnes of cranes, catering equipment and hotels were brought to st petersburg for the world cup. after the event, 2,600 tonnes of equipment was moved to central halls and warehouses in st petersburg and the city is expected to use this equipment for at least another 3 years.

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